Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1015

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Chapter 1015

She just saw the young man in black.

And, he said to her.

“Are you from China?”

His Chinese language gave the woman the last hope of survival, especially after she nodded, a scene that she could not forget for a lifetime appeared.

“You are from China, then you will not die!”

The young man in black said this to her indifferently.

Then he walked towards the vicious guys.



He killed one person in one step.

The figure of the young man in black was like a ghost and a charm.

He became a nightmare for those underworld members of the United States.

At that time she got fainted due to the wounds.

When she woke up the next day, after reading the news, she found out that more than 30 bodies of members of the Los Angeles underworld organization were found in that alley.


Overnight, the base camp of that underworld organization was uprooted and nearly a hundred people died!

And this includes the cruel head of the underworld American organization.

In addition.

The next day, after she woke up, there was a cup of white fireworks, a black skull bracelet, and a note on her bedside.

“This cup of white fireworks is dedicated to you, my fellow Chinese!”

“Take this bracelet to the airport, someone will send you away safely!”

That moment!

For the woman, it seemed like a dream.

However, what made her unbelievable was that when she arrived at the airport, someone took her away, and it was a chartered flight.

Since then.

She never saw the black-clothed youth again, and never heard any news about him.

That’s it.

“In this life, will we never see each other again?”


A crystal tear fell from her eye to the ground.

As if her heart full of longing, shattered.

She had dreamed of that man countless times.

But every time, it was just that man’s charming figure.

He is like a god, who saved her from danger, and he was like a devil, a nightmare for those underworld members.

Thinking of this.

With tears in her eyes, she slowly placed the cocktail in her hand on the edge of her red lips, and then gently squeezed.

“Oh… it’s still not that smell!”

The corners of her mouth are full of bitterness.

White fireworks.

This kind of cocktail has become her last way to miss that man.

However, she looked through countless cocktail lists and consulted countless famous bartenders, but she only knew that this kind of cocktail, called white fireworks, had never tasted it again. It was exactly the same as that person’s pure drink.

“I really want to see you again and say to you…Thank you!”

Tears dripped from her eye, and she drunk the cocktail.

The drink is slightly bitter, just like her heart at this moment.

Sad and unforgettable.

Only at this moment.

A few young people with colorful hair came over with evil smiles and surrounded her.

They laughed and said:

“Yeah! Beauty, you alone, do you want us to have a drink with you?”

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