Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1301

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Chapter 1301

Yu Qian pulled Irene away and persuaded: “Miss Yan is dead, my young master is more sad than anyone else.”

Yes, Irene left, as if taking away Yu Chengqian’s soul.

Yu Chengqian is really more sad than heartbroken!

Yu Sheng didn’t expect that he would be self-defeating. He originally thought that after Irene and Chengqian’s raw rice were cooked, Irene would compromise and stay by Yu Chengqian willingly.

But she was so stubborn in her determination that she would rather be jade broken than tile.

Irene’s character is very much like Yu Chengqian’s mother.

Yu Sheng was upset and came to the Buddhist hall depressed.

His original wife, Sai Binghua, dressed in a khaki nun’s gown, sat cross-legged on the futon, and knocked the wooden fish religiously with her eyes closed.

Yu Sheng walked over and sat down opposite her. Looking sadly at his wife.

She looked pure and unwilling. Suddenly ignited the anger in his heart. He sarcastically said: “Don’t knock. Except knocking on this stuff all day long, my son doesn’t care about it. He always threatens old master with his family, he learned from you.

Muyu’s voice continued, but Madam Yu’s voice sounded neither haughty nor humble, “You have so many sons, and it is not necessary for him to inherit your clan. You will be merciful and let my son go. If he sees through Hong Chen and wants to become a monk, you will fulfill him.”

Yu Sheng said angrily, “Are you retaliating against me? I know that in my heart, your status is beyond the reach of other women. I also know that I only recognize the son Cheng Qian in my heart. If you agree with him to become a monk, wouldn’t you let me? Cut off children and grandchildren?”

Madam Yu smiled coldly again. “Yu Sheng, these sweet words, go and tell your Rou’er. Our monks will only feel sick when they hear these words.”

Rouer is also Yu Sheng’s wife, and Sai Binghua is Ping’s wife.

“I knew that you were still angry. I was angry that I married Rou’er, didn’t you? You burned my bridal chamber with Rou’er. I didn’t blame you. On the other hand, you were angry with me, and decades have passed. , Should the anger in your heart be gone?”

When the name of “Rou’er” was mentioned, Muyu’s voice suddenly stopped.

Madam Yu slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes gleamed with water, implying aggression.

“Yu Sheng, the grievances in my heart will never disappear in this life. I can’t forgive you for betraying me in this life, let alone her for the little mistress whom I am referring to.”

Yu Sheng was very angry, “Sai Binghua, don’t be rude to Rou’er.”

Madam Yu glared at him sullenly, “Such a baby, she will go to her. Why are you running to me?”


Yu Sheng finished speaking angrily and left angrily.

Madam Yu looked sadly at the wooden fish that was polished smoothly as a mirror.

48 villages, firewood room.

Jacob has not eaten food all day and night. Those enchanting pupils, radiant and energetic, seemed a little listless at the moment.

The old man came to the woodshed carrying the fragrant food and saw Jacob who was lying crooked beside the dry woodpile, and suddenly smiled triumphantly.

“Smelly boy, are you hungry?”

Jacob stared narrowly at the old lady, and said, “If you abuse me like this, aren’t you afraid of getting retribution one day?”

Old Mrs. Yu laughed wildly: “Retribution? Haha, the bad things I have done are too numerous to write. Sooner or later, I will go down to eighteen levels of hell. There is no nineteen levels of hell in heaven. I will kill you more than one.”

Jacob looked at the old lady who didn’t want to repent at all, and shook his head helplessly: “Old man, hell can’t pretend to be an apocalyptic person. I’m afraid that you will suffer the reincarnation of your loved ones and be separated and turn your eyes into enemies.”

Just like him and him.

The old lady was slightly shocked, and her eyes became a little erratic in an instant.

He suddenly thought of his daughter, Cassandra who died young.

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