Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1302

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Chapter 1302

Cassandra is a great beauty who has all over the country and the city, and has inherited all the advantages of him. She is very powerful in martial arts, her mind is very flexible, and she is very dedicated to her family. Cassandra is almost a perfect incarnation.

But the day she left, he finally realized the pain of bone erosion.

Cassandra knelt in front of him and cried: “Dad, I can’t bear you. But for the burning of my child, my daughter has to go to the Four Seas and the End of the World. He can’t find Mr. Boye, and the daughter will not go home. Wait for me news.”

After Cassandra left, he never returned.

Over the years, he has tasted the pain of separation from his loved ones.

The old man’s gaze suddenly became dark and cold, “Smelly boy, how do you know the location of the library?”

He faintly felt that the prisoners at this level must have seen the nine pictures taken by Cassandra. If his inference is correct, then this person must be one of the murderers who killed Cassandra.

He can never forgive him.

Jacob’s leisurely eyes fell on the food in the hands of the old man, and he sniffed gracefully. Said: “Sorry, I am too hungry to speak!”

The old man’s eyes became deeper, “Smelly boy, after eating, if you don’t explain clearly to me, I will make you dead and ugly.”

The old man handed the rice bowl to him.

Jacob’s hands were tied, and he was not too happy to bury his face in a bowl to eat. Simply looking at the old lady, he said, “Can you feed me?”

The old lady was dumbfounded.

He pulled out his ears and said, “I heard you right? Did you let me feed you?”

Jacob said: “I have hygienic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder. If rice particles get on my face, I will be very irritable.”

The old lady trembles when he hears this.

He remembered that his little princess Cassandra had this quirk since childhood.

He looked at Jacob, his eyes getting colder and colder.

At this moment, he is convinced that this guy has seen his daughter, so he can borrow his obsessive-compulsive disorder to deliberately win his favor.

He carefully fed Jacob until he had finished feeding the bowl of rice, he put the bowl down, and then Yingtong viciously enveloped Jacob’s calm and calm face.

“Say.” He squeezed the word through his teeth.

Jacob’s unruly smile disappeared a little bit. He knew better than anyone how cold-blooded and ruthless this person was.

But he has never been a weak person who knows how to surrender. He looked at the old lady and questioned: “Old man, three years ago, you had a trace of regret in the blood-washed tourmaline?”

The old man said coldly: “If time can turn back, I will still make that decision.”

The fingers under Jacob’s sleeves curled together one by one, and the hatred in his eyes overflowed little by little.

“Then I’m sorry. I will never tell you the answer you want.”

Yu Nian was furious, “Do you dare to tease me?”

Jacob raised his face and looked at him fearlessly, “If you are wronged, you have debts. If you have enemies with the Zhan Family, why do you want to involve the innocent?”

The old man recovered a trace of sanity after being furious, “Who are you?”

Although Jacob did not dare to reveal his identity, if this murderer Shura knew that he was still alive. Will inevitably look for the survival of the Zhan Family.

Before the old lady’s heart of killing disappeared, the Zhanjia couldn’t live in the sun.

Jacob hated the end times and even more hated the unkind old man in front of him. He gritted his teeth and said angrily: “I am the most innocent person in that bad luck!”

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