Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033

Took advantage of being drunk!

When Shaun heard this sentence from Sima Yan’er, a black line appeared on his forehead.

This stupid woman didn’t even know about the last night. This made him speechless to the extreme.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in you, and we haven’t had any relationship!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, Sima Yan’er was taken aback, but the anger on her pretty face became more and more intense:

“You… you bastard!”

There are bloodstains on the sheets, and she reached a climax last night.

This bastard didn’t even admit it now.

“You let my hand free!”

Sima Yan’er’s eyes instantly became wet and red.

Her expression was full of sadness and despair.

Seeing this scene.

Shaun’s heart trembled slightly.

At the moment, he could only sigh for a long time, and then released Sima Yan’er’s jade hand.



Sima Yan’er’s delicate body seemed to have been drained of all strength and fell to the ground.

“That person, yes… I’m sorry!”

Her pretty face was full of bitterness.

Three years.

The person she thought about day and night, even dreamed that if one day sees him again, she would rather devote her chastity to that man.

But now, she is completely gone.

A deep sorrow filled Sima Yan’er’s heart. At the moment, she seemed to have lost her soul, stood up from the ground, and then picked up her clothes and put them on.

Seeing this scene.

Shaun shrugged helplessly, and also changed his clothes.

When they both wore their clothes, the look on Sima Yan’er’s pretty face gradually concealed her sorrow, replaced by a deep indifference.

She looked at Shaun, as if looking at a stranger, and said coldly:

“Remember, what happened tonight, I hope you will forget it forever!”

“We will never see each other again!”

That’s it!

Sima Yan’er walked straight out of the room.

Looking at Sima Yan’er’s back, Shaun’s wry smile grows stronger. He didn’t expect that he saved someone and will get this in return.

“Then never see you again!”

Shaun sighed and also walked out of the room after Sima Yan’er.

Outside the hotel, it’s time to go to work, and there is busy traffic on the road.

A Mercedes-Benz car was blocked at a crossroad outside the hotel.

“Damn! Why is there such a traffic jam today!”

A young man on the Mercedes-Benz looked at his watch and cursed softly:

“I have an appointment with the young master of the Ye family, one of the four hidden world giants, if I got late, it would be too bad!”

This young man is Chang Yuan.

Today, he was going to meet someone important, but now, he did not expect that he would be stuck in traffic.

Chang Yuan started to look into the surrounding cars, looking for any attractive beauties.

But when his eyes swept across a hotel beside the road.

He was slightly taken aback.

“That person seems to be Shaun?”

Chang Yuan could hardly believe his eyes at this moment, and he saw a person like Shaun in front of the hotel beside the road.

There was also a woman walking out of the hotel.

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