Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1307

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Chapter 1307

The old lady carried Jacob to his villa and placed him next to his bedroom.

Seeing the handsome Jacob, Yu Nian tried to equate him with the Yu family.

But the noble temperament of the commercial dark emperor that Jacob seeped through his body did not have the aggressiveness of the Yujiazhai bandits. There is also Jacob’s skin, inherited from Fenghua’s peerless father.

After watching it for a long time, my face collapsed.

How could such a perfect child be born only based on the genes of the Yu family.

Even Yu Chengqian prayed for him to burn incense and worship Buddha.

Yu Nian secretly thought: “Although Yu Sheng is romantic, he is very cautious about planting seeds. He will not leave children outside of Yujiazhai.”

Who is this kid anyway?

Finally, the old lady sensibly gave the answer to this question to science to test.

Three days later, the testing center obtained the test results as quickly as possible, and then personally sent the test report to the old man’s villa.

The old lady heard that the results came out, and couldn’t wait to ask: “What’s the result?”

The doctor handed the examination report to the old lady, and said, “Old lady, the gene similarity of Ah Yue’s gene with the old lady’s gene already constitutes an immediate family relationship.”

The tea cup in the old lady’s hand slid to the ground, “What did you say?”

The doctor used Holmes’ insights and said: “Old lady, this Ayue must have been the sequelae of the paternal family who was drenched in flowers and grass when he was young.”

The old lady couldn’t wait to open the inspection report. The inspection report listed all the similarities between Jacob and the old lady’s genetic matching. He wrote impressively: “The immediate family relationship is established!”

The old man is petrified like a carve.

After the huge surprise, huge joy overflowed from the bottom of my heart.

It turns out that A Yue is his grandson.

He unexpectedly has such an excellent and such a great grandson.

Ayue wants to have good looks, a good mind, and a perfect feeling. The old lady was very satisfied with him from both sides.

“Haha, Yu Sheng’s tortoise son, who gave birth to so many crooked melons, originally thought that Cheng Qian was his most proud work, but he didn’t expect there to be even better masterpieces.”

The doctor was dumbfounded.

The old man actually likes this Ayue so much?

The old lady laughed endlessly, and was full of emotions, “It seems that I was wrong. You still have to plant more seeds for surprises.”

Grandpa Yu was overjoyed and ordered his servants. “Go and call old master Yu Sheng.”

Yu Sheng has stayed in Yu Chengqian’s villa most of the time these days. Yu Chengqian’s injuries were not fatal, but they were injured at a key point. Yu Sheng was a little worried about him.

In fact, Yu Sheng has many concubines, and other concubines have given him sons and daughters. However, the children born to other concubines, no matter their looks or skills, are just like the status of a concubine, and they are not elegant.

He is most satisfied with Yu Chengqian. The subconscious felt that Yu Chengqian was his only seedling. Only Yu Chengqian’s incense is authentic.

“Cheng Qian, why do you want to block the grab for that Ayue? Can your life be compared to him? You are the next Patriarch of my Yujia 108 Village.”

Yu Chengqian said objectively and fairly: “Dad, his life is more valuable than mine.”

Yu Sheng said displeased: “What? It’s shameful to be my son? Trillions of wealth are waiting for you to inherit. Are you still ignorant of yourself?”

Yu Chengqian didn’t want to argue with Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng was the frog at the bottom of the well. He didn’t know that the crown prince of the Imperial Capital was worthy of incomparable dignity.

At this moment, Yu Chengqian is more concerned about A Yue’s identity. Then he asked nervously: “Has Ayue’s genetic test report come out?”

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