Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038

Hearing Chang Yuan’s words, he looked at the thick flattery expression on his face.

The corner of Ye Chen’s mouth slightly tilted:

“Brother Chang, you are welcome, we will be our own from now on!”

Our own!

Ye Chen’s words immediately made Chang Yuan feel flattered. He didn’t expect that a young master of a hidden world would consider him a small character as his own.

Thinking of this, Chang Yuan’s face flushed with excitement:

“Ye Chen, you are so approachable, I am touched by you…” Chang Yuan’s voice trembled.

It’s just that he hasn’t finished speaking yet, Ye Chen waved his hand:

“Brother Chang Yuan, don’t worry about being moved, I have one thing too, I want you!”


Hearing this, Chang Yuan was stunned, but then he patted his chest and said:

“Ye Chen has something to do, please tell me, even if I’m a fierce sword, I will do it!”

Looking at Chang Yuan’s promised appearance.

In Ye Chen’s smile, there was a hint of sinisterness:

“Hahaha…If I heard you right, did you call President Elvira just now?”


Chang Yuan was stunned. He didn’t expect that Ye Chen suddenly mentioned Elvira, and a hint of ominous premonition appeared in Chang Yuan’s heart.

His complexion stiffened slightly, and he said to Ye Chen:

“Yes… That’s right! Ye Chen, Elvira’s husband Shaun, offended the Bai family! I originally thought, let her come over and have a drink with us Please help to mediate between them!”

Chang Yuan did intend to ask Ye Chen to help Elvira.

However, he knew best.

Ye Chen couldn’t help Elvira save Shaun.

Because Ye Chen would not help a stranger for no reason.

The reason why Chang Yuan will give Elvira hope is to gain Elvira’s favor, especially when Elvira and Shaun had relationship problems.

It was the critical moment when he will express himself.

Even if Ye Chen refuses Elvira’s request, Elvira would still be grateful to him, and he would be even better if he got Elvira’s chance.


“Brother Chang Yuan, what I asked you to help is related to President Elvira!”

Ye Chen smiled, and his words made Chang Yuan shiver in Lingling.

“Ye Chen, I don’t understand what you mean!” Chang Yuan’s heart became more and more intense.

He faintly felt that he seemed to be on the thief ship.

At this moment, he even saw that when Ye Chen talked about Elvira, his eyes were shining, and there was a strong lustful look in his eyes:

“Hahaha…I’ve heard that in Jiang Elvira is the first beautiful president.

She is gorgeous and beautiful!” “I want you to help me get Elvira! I want to sleep with her!”


As soon as hearing this, Chang Yuan’s face changed drastically.

Puffs of sweat flowed from his forehead in an instant. He looked at Ye Chen eagerly and said:

“Ye Chen, I’m afraid this won’t work! Elvira is my school friend, and she is married, How can you do such a thing!”

How could Chang Yuan be willing to give up the goddess he fancied for many years for nothing.

After hearing his words, Ye Chen’s complexion changed instantly.

A trace of coldness and viciousness appeared on his face:

“So, Brother Chang Yuan you rejected me?”

“Do you know that in Jiangnan City, no one can reject me! You can’t, Elvira also can’t!”

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