Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1317

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Chapter 1317

The clerk was a little surprised, “How do you know this cake is not my own creativity?”

Jacob turned back and said excitedly: “Hurry up and tell me, did a blind girl teach you to make this cake?”

The clerk shook his head, “This is what a man taught me to do.”

Jacob’s eyes were dark, it turned out that he had made a mistake.

The clerk took the opportunity to promote his cake and said, “Sir, I think you like this cake, why don’t you buy one?”

Jacob stared at the cake in a daze, then nodded, “Okay.”

The clerk wrapped the cake for him, Jacob swiped his card and left with the cake.

The fluttering snow fell on Jacob’s flowing hair, making his slightly curled bangs dyed with frost, adding a lot of melancholy and vicissitudes of life to his precious prince temperament.

His footsteps are like lead, walking deep and shallow in the snow. He knew that Guan Xiao and Jifeng were following him. He didn’t want them to see his embarrassed side, and after crossing several streets at high speed, he successfully dumped them.

Snowflakes fell one by one.

Jacob stretched out his hand and caught the pieces of snowflakes. Watching them dissolve in his palm, his heart felt sad for no reason.

Irene is not a snowflake!

She would not disappear before his eyes like snowflakes.

She tried to catch the snowflakes and keep them.

Not far away, a teenager stopped to look at him.

The boy’s gaze fell on the cake held by Jacob’s hand, and those gorgeous peach eyes suddenly filled with snow.

This bad guy does not deserve to have the cake he designed.

He slipped a small and exquisite dart from his sleeve, and then shot it at the hand of the cake box.

His shooting skills are truly perfect.

After the handle of the cake box was cut by a dart, the cake fell to the ground and shattered into a pile of colorful cheese puree.

Jacob raised his hand, looked at the remaining handle, and gently shook the fragment to the ground.

Then he turned his head suddenly, and the eagle stared sharply at the boy.

“Looking for death.” Jacob squeezed out two words from his teeth.

The ice and snow in the young peach blossom eyes were even worse.

There was a voice without temperature in his mind.

This man is the admiral of the last days, killing him is also considered revenge for Daddy.

Suddenly, a melodious arc was drawn under the boy’s feet. Kicked up a pile of snow and sprinkled it into the air, losing Jacob’s eyes.

After Jacob’s body was pressed, his feet glide on the snow, leaving two deep gullies.

The young man flew up, his fist facing Jacob’s head.

The backward arc of Jacob’s body was pressed to the limit. When his fist approached his brain, his body quickly rotated to the right, avoiding the boy’s fist.

Then Jacob struck a beautiful carp, and his long and stalwart body stood up straight.

The young man took advantage of the victory and pursued, a 540-degree spin kick, his body suspended, his feet like a pair of invisible scissors, he was about to clamp Jacob’s neck.

Jacob’s hands swiftly held the boy’s ankle, and with a strong push, the boy’s body shook his whole body like a burst of electric current.

The young man’s body was as agile as a phantom snake, he suddenly bent down and crawled under Jacob’s crotch. The young man’s strength was so great that Jacob could only use the same strength to fight him.

As a result, the two powerful bodies rolled over in the snow.

“Why broke my cake?” Jacob asked.

The boy said: “Because you are not worthy.”

Fight the cold and noble spirit.

“You want to die.”

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