Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043

“Chang Yuan! Why hasn’t Elvira come out yet?”

Ye Chen asked Chang Yuan next to him after drinking in his glass.

And hearing this!

Chang Yuan couldn’t help but smile and said:

“Ye Chen, don’t be impatient! Now it must be the medicinal power gradually starting to come on, Elvira will soon be unable to bear it, so she will come out!”

As he said, Chang Yuan gave a thief with a smile, as if fantasy When he has reached Elvira’s wonderful ketone body, he said

excitedly :

“Ye Chen, you can enjoy her!”

Hearing this!

Ye Chen’s frowned his brows and said:

“No! The onset time of the drug’s effect is only five minutes! Ten minutes have passed, Elvira hasn’t Come out, something is wrong!”

“She may have noticed it, so she deliberately hid in the bathroom, waiting for someone to save!”


Ye Chen’s words shocked Chang Yuan.

In particular, he thinks that Elvira entered the bathroom, and her phone is in her bag:

“Ye Chen, I’m going to the washroom to see what’s going!

Chang Yuan walked quickly to the bathroom, knocked on the door, and shouted at Elvira inside:

“Elvira, are you alright? Ye Chen is waiting! Come out!”


No response, no sound.

This scene made Chang Yuan’s complexion more ugly. He tried to open the bathroom door, only to find that the door had been locked by Elvira from inside.

This made Chang Yuan’s expression gloomy:

“Elvira, I’m counting to three. If you didn’t come out, I will kick the door!”

After saying this.

Chang Yuan wants to start the count down.

Just at this moment, Elvira’s weak voice suddenly came from inside: “Senior, you hurt me!”


Hearing this, Chang Yuan’s face became pale.

He was only certain that Elvira was aware of it, and Chang Yuan couldn’t help but said with a complicated face:

“Elvira, I am not going to harm you! Ye Chen is a member of the Ye family, the hidden giant! As long as you cooperate with him, then in the future, you will surely become more prosperous!”

“Also, if you accompany Ye Chen and your husband Shaun divorces you, then I will often marry you!”

Chang Yuan wanted to explain and persuade.

However, his words fell in Elvira’s ears, but they were so nasty and shameless.

“You mean! Even if I die, I will never apologize to Shaun!”

“You die! Also, Shaun already knows that I am here, he will come to save me immediately! I persuade You guys, get out! Otherwise, my husband will never spare you easily!”


Elvira’s words were full of resentment.

But it fell in Chang Yuan’s ears, and it shocked him.

He had seen how ferocious Shaun was.

Thinking of Shaun’s harshness, Chang Yuan’s face suddenly turned pale.

Just at this moment.

Ye Chen came over, with a thick sneer on his face, and said disdainfully:

“Shaun will come? Humph! What kind of thing is he, this Crown Club is the property of my Ye family, and there are dozens of bodyguards!”

“He can’t fight a few!”

After saying this!

The evilness in the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth became more and more intense:

“Also, I’m going to catch this Shaun, and then f*ck his wife in front of him! Hahaha…”

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