Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1337

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Chapter 1337

Yu Sheng was shocked by the stormy sea.

The child obviously has a weak foundation in martial arts, but he showed extraordinary composure when fighting against him. Moreover, his routine can be described as the eighteen bends of the mountain road, even a martial arts master like him can hardly resist.

“I really don’t know what kind of parents can raise such an outstanding child.”

Jason had the upper hand, and said coolly: “Walk slowly and not send it.”

How could Yu Sheng admit defeat and said: “Frigate, break in for me.”

Jason was unwilling to show weakness and clapped his hands.

In an instant, all the household doors on both sides of the corridor opened, and the ghosts and spirits were all out.

Jason gave an order, “Take them down.”

In an instant, the ghost shackled the frigate to death.

Yu Sheng was dumbfounded.

He was shocked by the high-ranking aura possessed by Jason. He also became curious about Jason’s identity.

“Remaining money, who is he?”

Yu Qian hadn’t recovered from the shock of Jason’s victory over Yu Sheng, and it took a long time to say in a daze, “Master, he is Jason.”

Yu Sheng faintly angered: “I know his name is Jason, let me ask you his relationship with Jacob?”

All the frigates heard the sound of Yu Sheng’s teeth grinding with anger, and they all sweated for Jason.

After all, the person who prevented their Patriarch from coming to Taiwan, and he was in the apocalyptic territory, Jason was really the first person in history.

If Jason is an unknown junior, he is afraid his future will be dark.

Yu Qian said in an orderly manner: “Master, don’t you think his arrogant character is very similar to someone?”

Yu Sheng was slightly startled.

Jason’s black belly is really close to the scheming old lady.

“Yu Qian, what do you mean by this?”

Yu Sheng pointed to Jason excitedly, “Who is he?”

Yu Qian introduced: “He is Jacob’s eldest son, Jason.”

Yu Sheng was surprised.

Then he stared at Yu Qian angrily, gritted his teeth and said: “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“Master, you didn’t ask.”

Yu Sheng pinched his eyebrows in annoyance. He obviously wanted to be kind to his sister’s descendants, but God’s arrangements are always good fortune.

Let him and their encounters are always full of fierce conflict.

Yu Sheng’s attitude towards Jason turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and began to love Jason to k!ss him, “Jas, I am your uncle grandfather. Uncle grandfather came to visit your mommy, how could you stop me outside? ?”

Jason pretended to be surprised, “Disrespectful. It turned out that it was Grandpa Uncle who came here. Grandpa Uncle came to visit my daddy and mommy very hard.”

He deliberately increased the tone of “invigorating the teacher and moving the crowd.

Yu Sheng was taken aback and laughed loudly, “Grandpa Uncle really didn’t come to trouble your daddy. Grandpa Uncle prepared these wine and rice bags, and they just used them as a punching bag for your daddy.

Although Jason is small, but his personality is cold, any sugar-coated shells are inherently insulated from him.

Yu Qian begged: “Jas, my young master is gone. If your ghostly person hijacked him, I beg you to release my young master, and I am willing to pay your parents for him.”

Knowing their intentions, Jason said in a serious tone: “Yu Chengqian’s disappearance has nothing to do with my father and mother.”

Yu Qian put his mouth to Yu Sheng’s ears, and reminded him softly, “Master, Jason’s belly is black, that is because blue is better than blue. What he said is absolutely unbelievable.”

Yu Sheng felt that Jason’s speech, speech, and demeanor were old-fashioned and prudent. It was assumed that this child would be the master of his own since he was a child. In order to develop this extraordinary determination.

He believed Jason’s words.

However, Yu Chengqian’s disappearance has become an outstanding case. Yu Sheng’s old father’s heart became sad.

“Since it’s not here, let’s look elsewhere.” Yu Sheng said somewhat lonely.

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