Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1058

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Chapter 1058

At the door of the Crown Club!


A figure covered in blood was thrown out by several black-clad bodyguards as if throwing a dead dog.

“Ah…it hurts!”

Chang Yuan fell to the ground, and the pain on his legs made him tremble.

“Damn Shaun, I’m scrapped, I’m afraid my life is over!”

Looking at his bloody legs, Chang Yuan’s face showed a thick resentment.

When he recalled the words of Ye Tian, it made Chang Yuan’s expression almost dripping with gloom.

“No! I have to find a way to make Shaun die at the guard station!”

“This is the only chance to kill this guy. Otherwise, as Ye Tian said, Shaun can return from the guard, then my bad luck will come!”

Thinking of this.

Chang Yuan quickly took out his mobile phone, then found a phone number and dialed it.

Looking at the number displayed on the phone, he only felt his heart pounding and beating wildly.

Because there are four words written on it!

Master Ye Ming!

That’s right!

This Ye Ming is also a child of the Ye Family. Besides, he is even like Ye Tian, one of the most promising candidates for succession to the Ye Family.

Not only that.

Ye Ming and Ye Tian are in direct competition.


The phone got connected, and a lazy voice came:

“Hey! Who?”

The voice was indifferent and high-cold, like a haughty guy looking down on sentient beings.

Hearing this, Chang Yuan smiled and then said cautiously:

“Master Ye Ming, I am Chang Yuan. We have met at a reception before!”


Hearing this, Ye Ming at the other end of the phone was slightly silent.

He is thinking, who is Chang Yuan?

But after a short moment of silence, Ye Ming’s voice continued to resound:

“I don’t remember! Tell me directly, what’s the matter?”

“If nothing is interesting, I’ll hang up!”

The arrogant Ye Ming seemed to want to hang up, but when he heard this, a deep anxious color appeared on Chang Yuan’s face, and then quickly said:

“Master Ye Ming, don’t hang up! I want to tell you the latest news! Ye Chen is dead!”


Ye Ming on the other end of the phone seemed to move for a while, then his voice suddenly became excited, and asked in disbelief:

“You just said that Ye Chen is dead?”

“Yes! Just now, Young Master Ye Chen has been killed by a guy named Shaun!” Chang Yuan replied respectfully.

It’s just that his words are missing.


Ye Ming on the other end of the phone burst into laughter suddenly, as if he had encountered something extremely happy, he said excitedly:

“How did you know? Also, isn’t Ye Chen with his elder brother Ye Tian? If he is dead, what about Ye Tian?”

Ye Ming and Ye Tian seem to have a deep hatred.

Knowing that Ye Tian’s younger brother was killed, he was extremely happy, but what he cared about most was the life and death of Ye Tian.

After all!

Only if Ye Tian died, then his biggest competitor will be gone.

In the future, the entire Ye family will belong to him!

And hearing this.

Chang Yuan quickly explained the incident to Ye Ming in detail.

When Ye Ming heard.

Ye Chen was killed, his elder brother Ye Tian personally agreed and even handled the corpse.

Ye Ming got shocked.

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