Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1347

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Chapter 1347

Seventh sister reminded the boy: “When I tortured her just now, I used a bit of criminal law. But it seems that she is not afraid of various criminal laws. I think the source of her fear must not be physical pain, but hidden deep in the soul. She’s mentally frightened. If you pay more attention to her details, you may be able to find the reason for her fear.”

The young man was slightly stunned, very surprised.

He thought that aunt was as timid as a mouse, but she could be fearless in the face of Seventh Sister’s criminal law.

It seems that he knows too little about her.

When the teenager came next door, Xiao Jiuhua Wuyou followed.

The young man pushed the door and entered, but Xiao Jiu stood at the door with his arms like a door god.

The boy walked up to Irene, “Are you looking for me?”

Irene forced her weak body to sit up from the ground, and the beautiful pupils that couldn’t focus were filled with anger at the moment.

“Are you really an evildoer?” Irene asked.

The teenager thought for a while, the best evildoer, or evildoer for short.

Then nodded. “Ok.”

Irene suddenly jumped at him excitedly, like a leopard out of control, roaring with bloody resentment, “I will kill you.”

The boy dodged quickly, and Irene rushed to the ground embarrassingly.

When his forehead hit the floor, his flesh and blood became blurred.

The young man glanced contemptuously at the limp Ling Ling, and said with contempt: “You are both blind and disabled. Do you still want to kill me?”

Irene was so angry that she kicked viciously, and said angrily: “You return my child to me.”

Perhaps it was the extreme anger, the adrenaline in the body soared, so that Irene suddenly produced a lot of strength, she got up again with difficulty, and waved her fist at the teenager.

She already has martial arts, and her foundation is not weak.

The boy didn’t expect that she could get up so quickly, and the fist was firmly pressed against the face.

The young man clutched his handsome face, pushed her to the ground, and roared, “What are you crazy?”

“Yes, I was crazy. The day you took my child away, I was crazy. You paid my child back, and you returned my child.” Irene cried hysterically.

The young man was dumbfounded.

For a while, he forgot to resist.

Irene’s fingernails were deeply squeezed into the back of her hand, and blood marks were drawn.

The young man didn’t seem to know the pain at all, but he shouted in despair, “Are you looking for a child?”

Irene was so heartbroken that she burst into tears.

From the day when Derek disappeared, she endured the grief in her heart and dared not to cry. Because she wants to use her strength to prop up her broken home.

But at this moment, facing the culprit who brought her tragedy, she removed her disguise and cried to death.

The boy’s cold heart became soft for some reason.

He helped Irene up, but Irene was heartbroken, and her emotional sadness had long been extended to her body. She just stood up and fell down again.

The teenager was a little depressed and said: “Your child is also missing?”

A bitter smile appeared on Irene’s beautiful face: “My child is not missing, but you took it abruptly.”

The teenager remembered that many children from the Military Intelligence Hall had been taken back by Master unreasonably.

It’s just that the master said: These children’s homes are incomplete, and letting them stay in their native families is a tragedy for them.

Just like him, if the master does not take him in, he may always live in the hatred of the end times, but he will never be able to avenge himself, and he will never be able to eliminate the strong hatred in his heart.

“You look like you can’t take care of the child at all. We took him away for his own good.” The boy took it for granted.

Irene angrily accused the evildoer: “If you hadn’t taken my child away, I would cry and blind these eyes? If it weren’t for worrying about the child’s safety, I would live trembling every day until the end suffers from this terrible strange disease?”

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