Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063

Until Shaun’s last slap fell!

Sima Yan’er’s body trembled fiercely, and she was completely lying on the interrogation table, breathing heavily.

And just when she was about to yell at Shaun angrily.


The door of the interrogation room opened from the outside.


Hearing the sound of the door opening, Sima Yan’er suddenly stopped speaking.

She turned her head and looked, only to find that a greasy short fat man with a group of people appeared at the door of the interrogation room.


Sima Yan’er knew that this short fat man was the captain of their guard station and her immediate superior-Wei Fengqiang!


At this moment, when Wei Fengqiang and others saw a scene in the interrogation room, their expressions were all in a daze.

They saw that Sima Yan’er, the most beautiful policewoman in the institute, was lying on the table at this moment.

Her snow-white pretty face was covered with layers of blush.

Her eyes were shy and charming as if something had just happened.

And behind her.

It was the prisoner Shaun, and he didn’t have the handcuffs and shackles.

Wei Fengqiang and others could hardly believe their eyes.

This was the first time they saw Sima Yan’er’s charming look, especially now that it seemed that this prisoner did all this?

“What are you doing?”

Wei Fengqiang looked at Shaun, revealing a deep unkindness:

“This murderer, where are handcuffs!”

“Come on, help me stop him!”

That’s it!

With a wave of Wei Fengqiang’s palm, a group of policemen behind him suddenly rushed towards Shaun as if a hungry tiger was chasing a sheep.

After stepping forward, he picked the handcuffs from the ground, and then put them on Shaun’s hands again.

For all this.

Shaun did not resist at all.

But he had already faintly noticed that Wei Fengqiang looked at him with bad eyes.

“Okay! Yan’er, go out first! We are here!”


Upon hearing Wei Fengqiang’s words, Sima Yarner got amazed.

Normal hours.

Wei Fengqiang in the guard station is the most proficient person.

Every arrest and interrogation was almost entirely entrusted to her.

And now…

“Captain, are you sure?”

Sima Yan’er looked at Wei Fengqiang suspiciously. She felt that the captain wants to interrogate Shaun personally.


Wei Fengqiang smiled at Sima Yan’er, then pointed to a group of police officers that he had brought, and said:

“Did you not see? I have brought a lot of people, don’t worry! Give this kid to me, he can’t escape!”

Hearing this.

Although Sima Yan’er was still very confused, she nodded and said:

“Okay! Then you interrogate him! I’ll go out and buy some coffee!”

That’s it!

Sima Yarner did not forget to explain:

“Also, this Shaun is too cunning and dangerous, you must be careful!”

After saying this, Sima Yan’er couldn’t help thinking of the scene where she was spanked by Shaun just now, which made her ashamed and angry. She gave Shaun a vicious look before turning her head and walking outside the door.


When Sima Yan’er left, Wei Fengqiang closed the door of the interrogation room.

Also, he also locked the door from the inside.


Seeing this move, Shaun narrowed his eyes slightly:

“You want to deal with me?”

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