Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396

The remaining money rushed forward, “What is a good way?”

“Knife to kill.”

Yu Chengqian glanced at the old lady, and Hui Wei smiled, “Grandpa, those people who can break through the chasm and come to Mount Everest must not be waiting for leisure. It is a festive season, and the stability of Yu Jiazhai must not be violated. It is better to ask Grandpa to go out in person. To be safe.”

Grandpa Yu stared at Yu Chengqian dissatisfiedly, “I raised your wine bag and rice bag with our Yu family. Whenever we encounter difficulties, either push it to old master or push it to Grandpa. Yu Chengqian, would you like to have a face?”

Yu Chengqian said with a hippie smile: “Grandpa, although my grandson is only inexperienced, but hardworking and eager to learn, or when you go out to fight bandits, I will follow you every step of the way?”

He followed the old lady because he was worried that the old lady would be really impulsive and seriously injured Jacob’s group, causing irreparable consequences.

However, the old lady believed in Yu Chengqian credulously, thinking that this was the most reliable measure he took when facing a rival.

Just because Yu Chengqian was not lazy, the old lady was less wary of his proposal.

“Come with me.” The old lady got on a military SUV snow chariot and hurried to Yujiazhai.

At this time, Jacob and Irene came to Yujiazhai’s mountain gate unimpededly holding tokens.

The door of the mountain was not opened for them, and Grandpa Yu’s vigorous voice came from the horn.

“Who came from?”

Jacob winked at Jason, and Jason mentioned the token.

The old man looked at the monitor screen and pointed to the token in Jason’s hand and said excitedly: “Why does he have our Yujiazhai Major General’s token?”

Yu Chengqian deliberately touched the pocket of his clothes and said in a panic: “My major general token is missing. They must have stolen my token.”

The old man hated iron and steel and stared at Yu Chengqian, “Major general token of the end times, you see the token as you see it, and you lost it? Why didn’t you lose yourself? No wonder they got on the pearl so easily its peak. It turns out that you are the strongest assist to help them up the mountain. Turn around to lead the penalty.”

Yu Chengqian is mad and always likes to cut first and play later. In his words: Anyway, Yu Sheng is just his son with a true root, and Yu Sheng is reluctant to kill him. So he has arrogant capital.

Yu Chengqian continued to provoke divorce, “Grandpa, they stole my token and must not be too polite to them. Give them some color first.”

The old lady said: “It’s hard to find those who are celebrating the New Year, and they are indeed owed. Cheng Qian, tell me, how do you deal with them?”

Yu Chengqian gloated and said, “Let the frigate use a slingshot to shoot them…”

The old man looked at him suspiciously, “I always feel that your kid is not right today. You can’t speak and do things very well? Do you use a slingshot against powerful enemies? Is your head flooded?”

Yu Chengqian sophistry said: “Grandpa didn’t know, I just formed a juvenile guard team. They just learned the slingshot, so-called practice to learn the truth, pull them out for a stroll to test their level of learning.”

The old man believed it was true, and smiled: “It’s rare for you to be concerned about cultivating successors. If that’s the case, use a slingshot. But I’ll be harder on the projectile.”

Yu Qian’s expression was hard to say.

The young master fooled the old man so, if the old man knew that he was dealing with his precious grandson at the moment, he would definitely not give the young master good fruit when he turned around.

Soon, Jacob and they were surrounded by nearly a hundred frigates, and the frigate aimed at them with a slingshot.

Jacob’s face was gloomy for an instant, and the gloomy mood seeped thick black smoke on his face.

Irene even added more energy and jealousy to say something later, “Let’s take a look, I said, there is no good thing to come to Mount Everest. This has not yet entered the village, they treat us like this. After entering, I don’t know how many months there are. Waiting for us.”

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