Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1099

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Chapter 1099


Kelly really responded?

When they heard the words of assistant Xiaoxian, after looking at her extremely excited appearance, there was an uproar in the whole shooting hall.

How is this possible!

The goddess of the nation, really responded, it was like a fantasy.

In an instant, everyone in the hall took out their mobile phones, boarded their social accounts, and started to check them.

In particular, everyone clicked on Kelly’s social account and suddenly saw a line written on it:

“The beauty is like a goddess family, sweet as human dew, envy, blessing…”

Also, Kelly is unprecedented, even a lot of big coffee in the entertainment circle.


After Kelly’s news was sent, the entire social platform was completely exploded.

One after another, the big names in the entertainment industry have liked and forwarded.

Rock King Xu Youfeng:’So handsome! Is the actor in this photo a prince? How to give me a sense of dignity and not to offend. Gosh, forward, support! ‘

Wei Ming, President of Huayi: “The handsome guy is angry, and the female is an allure, what kind of couple is this? Unimaginable! Must be forwarded! ‘

Hua Tiantian Mr. Lin Li Zhian:’Love Liao! Love Liao! This photo is definitely the most perfect love art I have ever seen! The New Bai Group? Must support! ‘



At this moment, in the entire shooting hall, as everyone checked the social platform, the hall fell into a dead silence for an instant.

One after another, they stared at their mobile phones.

Looking at the top entertainment industry giants that were forwarding one after another, all the staff in the hall were flushed with excitement, and there was nothing to add.

Gradually, from the director to the film crew below, their breathing began to heavier.

That kind of excitement is like seeing a miracle.

“Xu Youfeng, my idol, the king of rock and roll! Oh my god!”

“Hahaha…Li Zhian is the King of China Entertainment! He is forwarding our photos!”


Voices of ecstasy reverberated endlessly in the shooting hall.

After the reaction, everyone embraced and cheered.

More than them.

At this moment, Elvira was staring at her cell phone, her body trembling.


This is sent by Kelly. She couldn’t even dream that she, a small fan, would have a day that her idol would envy and support.

Especially at this moment.

Elvira raised her pretty face, she looked at Shaun with beautiful eyes, her eyes full of excitement and surprise:

“Shaun, how did you do it?”

Hearing this.

Huh huh!

Only then did everyone around him reacts, all eyes focused on Shaun.

Shaun said for three minutes, the whole net will become hot.

And now, it’s really happening.

This terrible prophet-like method made everyone look at Shaun’s eyes, full of worship and awe.



At this moment, there was a sound falling to the ground, Zheng Hao was completely shocked after checking the social platform.

“No…impossible! How did you do it? How could Kelly respond to you, how can the top giants in the entertainment industry support you?”

Zheng Hao got amazed as if he had seen a ghost, staring at Shaun, even his voice trembled.

The scene that shocked him has just begun.

One after another screams resounded again:

“You…Look at the social platforms. The photos of President Elvira and Lin have rushed into the hot search! Now Jiangnan government officials have reposted them, and the Dragon and Tiger Corps officials have reposted them on Weibo! And the official Weibo of the Huaxia Army, Also reposted!”

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