Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428

Jason stayed on the spot, thinking about how he could make Derek believe him. The evildoer is definitely not as clean as he can see with his naked eyes?

Jason believed that only by letting Derek completely get rid of the deception of the Military Intelligence Palace, Derek would go home willingly.

“Then tell me honestly, in the past four years, how did you come here in the Military Intelligence Hall?” A bold idea was brewing in Jason’s mind. Maybe he should visit the Military Intelligence Hall in person to find evidence of evildoing. .

In the face of hard evidence, Derek would not be so persistent, and he would be able to take his heart home. At that time, their family can live together happily as before.

In order to convince Jason to believe in his innocence, Derek finally decided not to hide it anymore.

They sat on the stone bench in the bamboo forest, and Derek whispered to Jason: “When I first arrived at the Military Intelligence Hall, just like you, I hated my foster father. I was full of guard against the Military Intelligence Hall. So, my foster father. When I was asked to join the Military Intelligence Hall, I was extremely repelled. I thought that Mommy and Daddy would definitely come and take me home. But…”

Derek’s expression became sad, “I have waited so hard for two years and have not waited for you. The home in my memory has gradually become blurred. The sisters in the Military Intelligence Palace take care of me and care about me like family members. My foster father never forced me to do things I didn’t like. I felt warm in the Military Intelligence Hall. When I realized that I had feelings for the Military Intelligence Hall, I was like a misplaced soul, stuck between my home and the Military Intelligence Hall. Swaying constantly.

Jason, can he understand his pain?

Although he is not a member of the Military Intelligence Hall, every time he sees his sisters go out on a mission, he worries about them. If an agent died outside… he would feel guilty and blame himself. He thinks that obviously he can protect them because he can obsessed with going home, so he can’t help them.

In the end, he finally convinced himself to forget home, forget him, accept the arrangements of fate, and join the military palace. Since then, he has regarded the Military Intelligence Hall as his home.

Jason, you let me go! “Derek begged helplessly.

At this moment, Derek felt that his soul was being pulled between his home and the Military Intelligence Hall again, and he was so uncomfortable.

Jason’s deep-sea pupils shimmered, not wanting Derek to discover his sour emotions, he turned his head and looked at the nothingness outside the bamboo forest.

“They…how good are they to you?”

Derek said: “When I first arrived at the Military Intelligence Hall, maybe it was because I was terrified of the unfamiliar environment. So I often got sick and fever. My eldest sister would take care of me every step of the way, sing me, tell stories, and dispel my fears.

Speaking of the gentle and virtuous elder sister, Derek had a sweet contented smile on his face.

“Where is the second sister?” Jason asked with ulterior motives.

Derek looked disgusted and said: “She, she obviously hates men, but she likes to wear men’s clothes. But the second sister never hates me…”

“Where is the third sister?”


Derek tirelessly told Jason the story of the Lord of the Thirteenth Ring and him. The clever Jason pondered the different character traits of each challenger from his words.

“The fifth elder sister has a fierce personality, only she dare to use cruel criminal law when interrogating the prisoner. Sixth elder sister…I am not familiar with her normally, but when life and death are at stake, she always appears in front of me, reminding me I… Sister Jiu’er talks to me everything…”

“Oh, and Xiao Shisan, he is beautiful and has the best skills, but like you, he suffers from autism.”

When Derek mentioned the beautiful girls in the Military Intelligence Hall, he was eloquent.

Based on the expression on Derek’s face and the fragmentary words, Jason had a general understanding of the Thirteenth Ringmaster of the Military Intelligence Palace.

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