Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119

Galaxy Tower!

The atmosphere is depressing and dull.

Almost in the building, every employee of New Bai Group was worried, as if the sky had fallen.

They knew that President Elvira took away the transfer contract of The New Bai Group and prepared to give it to Jiangnan Bai’s family to save Chairman Shaun.

This means that The New Bai Group is about to change.

When everyone is in the most depressed mood.

A frantic voice kept resounding:

“Hahaha… New Bai’s employees, I advise you to make a living on your own! Your chairman Lin is completely finished, and Elvira, I’m afraid he won’t be able to come back!”

Zheng Hao is full of spring and full of spirits.

He seemed to vent all the humiliation he had received from Shaun before, shouting in the entire building.

And hearing this.

The faces of Baishan and Paula were as ugly as dead gray.

“Baishan, what should we do? What should we do now?” Paula’s eyes were red and swollen at this moment, and she cried into tears.

She is worried about Elvira and even more worried about Shaun.

With Shaun’s hatred and the Jiangnan Bai family’s grudges, that white tiger would surely shatter his body.

Not only Paula.

Baishan next to her also looked ugly to the extreme. Thinking of the horror of the White Tiger Legion, the corners of his mouth feel a deep bitterness:

“Fit! Elvira will definitely live and die with Shaun. If they both die, what’s the point for us being alive!”

“Well, let’s go with them!”


Hearing this, Paula was slightly taken aback:

“You mean, we are going to the White Tiger Barracks?”


In Baishan’s eyes, there was a strong will and determination to die:

“Elvira and Shaun are our children, they are about to die, how can we live alone!”

Hearing this, Paula finally stopped crying.

“Okay! In that case, let’s go to die with Shaun and Elvira!”

That’s it.

Paula stood up with Baishan immediately, wanted to go out, and headed for the White Tiger Barracks.

Seeing this scene.

Zheng Hao hurriedly greeted them and stopped their way:

“Mr. and Mrs. Baishan! You can’t go!”


Seeing Zheng Hao, Baishan’s complexion instantly became ugly.

“Why?” Baishan had heard of the hatred between Shaun and Zheng Hao.

This guy blocked his way, with bad intentions.

“Hey…Mr. Bai, your son-in-law, and daughter have all gone to the barracks, I’m afraid they will never come back in this life! You can’t leave, otherwise, when Jiangnan Bai’s family comes to take over, who will be responsible?”

“I’m going to hand over your couple to Jiangnan Bai’s family!”

Zheng Hao’s words were full of viciousness.

And this sentence changed the expressions of Baishan and Paula.

“Zheng Hao, you are too much!”

Baishan’s face was gloomy and dripped water.

He couldn’t even dream of it.

As a public figure, this Zheng Hao was so brazen. No matter what deep hatred he had for his son-in-law Shaun, Shaun’s life and death are unknown. They both just want to live and die with Shaun. This guy came out to stop them.


When Zheng Hao heard this, the grinning smile on his face grew stronger:

“Your son-in-law Shaun is too much! He humiliated me, he beat me, and he killed me! He…damn it!”


Zheng Hao’s words are extremely vicious.

And this sentence made Baishan and Paula look green with anger.

It was just when the couple wanted to continue to scold.

Da da da!

There were bursts of rapid footsteps, making everyone stunned.

And just under the eyes of everyone’s doubts.

A group of figures came over.

They turned out to be Erye Shirakawa, Harper, and others.

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