Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1452

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Chapter 1452

Fed up.

Jacob paused and turned around…

Irene thought she was going to attack him, so scared that she leaned back quickly. I never thought that I was overthrowing and my whole body fell on all fours.

Jacob’s thin lips raised slightly, “This means that the wicked will have their own reap.”

At this moment, in the praying square in front of the praying temple, there are already inexplicable long stacked tables, and the table tops are covered with red cloth. From a distance, it looks like a huge red dragon winding through the mountains.

The beautiful girls shuttled between the long tables, with bells ringing around them, making crisp music.

When Jacob and the others appeared in Blessing Square, a group of young and beautiful girls ran over with the shy Juma.

“Big Brother Zhan.” Zhu Ma was pushed in front of Lord Jacob by the girls, with a shy expression on the beautiful face.

Abba told her that the old lady had promised her marriage with Jacob. Then she will be his concubine sooner or later. Therefore, Juma will show the feelings of a girl in front of Jacob.

Her waist-length black hair looks as beautiful as a waterfall. The hair from the temples was woven into many fragile braids, hanging down on his chest. The braids are studded with red gems, which complements her bright red dress. It brings out her beauty more and more.


Juma’s beauty is not spotless. It is as beautiful as snow lotus in Tianshan Mountains, holy and immaculate.

When Irene saw such a Juma, her heart missed a beat at that moment.

Only now did he know that her rival was so powerful.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” Irene looked at the colorful girl, and finally his eyes fell on Zhuma, exclaiming. “I finally understand why after seeing Qiuxiang, Tang Bohu felt that all the beauties were overshadowed. It turns out that there are such beautiful women in the world.”

Janice picked up her ears and whizzed, “Who do you praise for being beautiful? Who do you praise for being beautiful?”

Irene grinned, “Ohhh, Janice, in front of other beauties, save some face for her husband. Okay?”

Janice let go of her ears angrily. Perhaps it was a woman’s natural instinct. Janice could feel Zhuma’s intimidation of Irene, so she deliberately said loudly: “The women of Yujiazhai, beauty is beauty, is beauty. There is no soul and no anger. Unlike my sister Irene, who is both beauty and talent. The beauty that emanates from the bone makes people feel refreshed and unforgettable.”

Then Janice lay on Jacob’s shoulders and smiled domineeringly: “My brother only likes beauties like my sister-in-law. Right, brother?”

Jacob’s body, when Zhu Ma approached him, quietly leaned towards Irene. The hand that clasped the fingers of Irene also worked harder.

Janice’s statement of stepping on one hand and one hand immediately made the girls in Yujiazhai very unhappy.

You know, Zhuma is the goddess of the whole people in Yujiazhai. Zhuma’s marriage to Jacob is also something the old Patriarch promised. Janice openly provokes the feelings of Zhuma and Jacob, which will naturally arouse public outrage.

The girls stared at Janice’s pupils with a gloating look, because they would never believe that Jacob could resist Juma’s charm.

At this moment, the focal figure Jacob just stared at Irene’s face intently. He is afraid that she will be emotional.

Then, he took some time to correct Janice’s mistakes, “Wrong, I love Irene, it has nothing to do with beauty.”

Then he held up Irene’s hand, with gentle brows and eyes.

Irene smiled like a flower.

This handful of dog food stuffed everyone’s hearts.

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