Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133


The audience suddenly shocked again, and then stared at Shaun not far away, and couldn’t believe his ears.

This guy, dared to bid with the two big youngsters?

Dare to grab something with the bloody mad god?

He is simply frantic!

Completely crazy!

“Shaun, what are you talking about!”

Elvira fainted when she heard Shaun’s offer. Where did they have this money?

Even if there are, but snatching the jewelry given to the queen, can the blood prison mad god let them go?

Shaun is looking for death!

“Since you like it, let’s buy it!”

Shaun smiled, really inhumane!

He could see that Elvira also liked this sea-blue heart, and the whole blood was his. What happens if he spent a lot on his wife?

“Buy? Just rely on you, a poor ghost?”

A sneer came from Huang Fuxuan’s mouth, and he glanced at Shaun extremely contemptuously:

“I don’t think it’s five billion. Can you get fifty dollars in your pocket?”


As soon as this remark came out, everyone burst into laughter!

And one after another they looked at Shaun with contempt and disgust.

Just this dead poor ghost, a waste that relies on his wife to give pocket money, can he get it for 5 billion?

Even Elvira may not be able to come up with so much money at once. Why is this waste so utterly nonsense?

It’s ridiculous!

Situ Hongrui also sank, and scolded murderously:

“Do you have money for this? If you can’t pay the price, you will die in the blood! Get out, don’t take the humiliation!”

In order to please the blood prison mad god, both of them are determined to win this sea blue heart. How can they allow Shaun to make trouble for them?

Shaun looked calm and calmly said, “Is it my business if I have any money or not, what’s the matter with you?”

Hearing that, everyone was immediately furious, and there was anger in the sky!

This bastard, dare to be so arrogant even he is going to die?

Damn it!

Huangfuxuan snorted coldly, and a deep resentment appeared on his face:

“Ye Shihao, who allowed you to let them in? Expel both of them from here!”


Ye Shihao didn’t move, and said indifferently:

“Mr. it’s not a small role like you that can offend you, stop it!”


Huang Fuxuan’s expression was ugly to the extreme in an instant, his eyes gushing with bitterness and murder:

“Ye Shihao, what do you mean! Do you really think that this waste is the king of the blood prison?”

But Ye Shihao was cold and unwilling to answer, insisting on his inner thoughts.

And his posture completely made Huang Fuxuan crazy, he glanced at Ye Shihao bitterly:

“Good good, a dog, dare to betray Huangfu’s family, I will let you die!”

His own dog embarrassed him in public. If he didn’t do something, how could Huangfuxuan gain a foothold in Jiangnan in the future?

Everyone also cast a mocking look at Ye Shihao, this idiot believed that this trash was the king of the blood prison?

Really sick of his brain!

“Five and half billion!”

“Six billion!”

“6.5 billion!”

The two elders bid wildly, in order to win the favor of the bloody mad god, and spare no effort!

However, that annoying voice sounded again, and frightened everyone in the audience!

“Ten billion!”

When he said this, the audience fell into a dead silence!

Everyone’s eyes were round as if they were about to burst out of their eye sockets, staring at Shaun strangely.

This guy, seriously?

As soon as they heard this number, Elvira clutched her heart, only feeling that she was about to suffer a cardiac arrest, and her pretty face instantly turned pale!

This time, it’s over!

And now!

The two young masters, Huangfuxuan and Situ Hongrui turned their heads together, with fierce murderous intent in their eyes:

“Shaun, you are looking for death!!!”

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