Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1132

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Chapter 1132

That can be said to be the dream of every woman. It is taken from the deepest part of the seabed which was there for thousands of years. It has an extremely rare deep-sea color and is clear and gorgeous. It is said that this kind of crystal is only one gram in thousands of years, and this sea blue heart has three Twelve grams, which means it took 320,000 years to finally take shape, so it is extremely rare.

It can be called unique!

Even Elvira was bewitched by the fascinating gem light at this time, her eyes never blinked!

At this moment, a basin of cold water extinguished the burning hearts of the women there.

“Hailan Heart, starting price, 2 billion!”

Sky price!

Gems are unique, and such sky-high prices are also unique!

Over 90% of the women there were all decadent and sat back, their faces full of unwillingness and regret.

Sure enough, it is exclusive to the queen, and the starting price is beyond their reach.

Even Sima Yan’er, a peculiar wealthy daughter, only dared to move her heart.

“Three billion!”

However, the abrupt voice rang at this moment!

Everyone was stunned and looked in one direction together, raising the price by one billion at once. This is a must for Hailan’s ambition.

But they found that the person who spoke was Empress Huangfuxuan, which was quite surprised.

Why does a man in Huangfuxuan care so much about this women’s jewelry?

“3.5 billion!”

Another voice followed since the bidder was Situ Hongrui.

At this moment, the audience got shocked!

Everyone looked at the two elders in an unbelievable way, with a deep shock in their eyes!

“What’s the matter with the two elders, who are interested in such goods?”

“You don’t understand, right? I heard some gossip that the reason why the two youngsters did not hesitate to bid for this sea blue heart at a sky-high price was to please a big man!”


Everyone was shocked, staring at the speaker.

As two young people, you still need to please others?

They are the future Patriarchs of the Huangfu Family and Sima Family!

“And that big man is the famous Blood Prison…Blood Prison Mad God!”


The whole audience was silent!

After hearing this, all the people there had their canthus split, their hearts beating wildly, crazy!

The mad god of blood prison, once defeated the terrifying existence of the four war gods of China with his power, commanded one hundred thousand blood prison army, and was the first warrior of the king of blood prison!

There were eleven massacres in the city, 400,000 murders, and 63 battles, no one was defeated!

That is, above the Gods of War, a terrifying existence of the Killing God level!

Therefore, just hearing his name made all the big men here shudder and trembled like a horror!

“It’s more than that, they also heard that the reason why the mad god of blood prison is determined to win against the sea blue is to give it to the wife of the king of blood prison, queen!”


These words, like that blockbuster, completely exploded beside everyone!

They are terrified!

Existence is a hundred times more terrifying than the mad god of blood prison, king of blood prison!

The King of Blood Prison is married? Which woman is so lucky?

To be the wife of the Demon King, then that woman must also have a background of Tongtian?

The entire auction site fell into a weird silence, and everyone’s faces were full of shock. None of them expected that the Queen’s exclusive would be given to the Queen!

Everyone turned pale with fright and didn’t dare to bid. After all, this is what the queen is after. Who dares to grab it?

A careless voice rang at this moment:

“five billion!”

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