Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1451

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Chapter 1451

In the evening, Irene and Janice, eldest sister Zhengyu and Faith came to Qingmei Town together, and invited Irene and Jacob to participate in a banquet in Yujiazhai.

Irene didn’t see Jason and Derek. Only then did she recall that she had not seen these two children all day today, and she suddenly became a little worried.

“Where are Jas and Derek?”

Jacob looked at the foggy sky, thoughtfully. Suddenly hearing the voice of Irene, he explained hastily, “The two children must have gone to the craftsman to polish them with the rough stones.”

Irene does not doubt that she has him. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then let’s go.” Irene smiled.

Janice leaped and ran to Irene, holding her arm affectionately, and said, “Sister-in-law, are you so beautiful today? I knew you were going to make up today, so I should come here soon and let you make me a fairy. Makeup.”

Jacob looked helplessly at Janice who was forcibly squeezed between him and Irene, staring at Irene depressed.

Irene smiled and learned the appearance of a woman, lovingly holding Jacob’s hand, “Big Brother…”

As soon as she opened her mouth, Jacob threw him to the ground with one over the shoulder.

“Ouch.” Irene wailed, “Brother, what do you mean?”

Janice and Irene stared at Jacob with anger. Jacob wanted to kick Irene a few times. Seeing Irene’s condemning eyes, he suddenly lost his temper and said a little aggrieved: “You know me. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and don’t like people other than you to touch me.”

Irene got up embarrassedly and complained about her painful a$s, “Fart, it is clear that you are jealous of Janice taking over your daughter-in-law. War master, will you die if you don’t hang on your wife for one day?”

Irene this is the bravest fight against Jacob in history.

Originally thought that Jacob was damaged by Irene and had no male dignity, and he would be furious. Never imagined that Jacob would shamelessly replied: “Yes.”

Irene was messy in the wind. “I have never seen a man like you.”

Irene took Janice’s hand away, and walked to Jacob with a smile, slender and weak hands passed through his palm, fingers interlocked, and said: “Let’s go.”

Jacob’s heart was ironed comfortably, and he glanced at Irene with a sigh.

Irene stunned: “Sure enough, the most inferior is invincible.”

Then she learnt Jacob’s coquettish mode, whispered and said to Janice: “Xianxian, we also hold hands.”

Xianxian did not refuse him, and walked side by side holding his arm.

The eldest sister Zhengyu and Faith trembled with laughter.

Along the way, Irene, the living treasure, was avenging his a$s. constantly derogating Jacob.

“My Lingbao is so beautiful today. This makeup looks very good. She looks younger and more beautiful than an eighteen-year-old girl.”

Then he teased and said, “Big Brother, you were so many years older than Lingbao, and your old cadre’s face with paralysis makes you look older. Today, you are walking together, okay. Is there a sense of sight of father and daughter?”

Jacob’s handsome and beautiful face seemed to have been splashed with ink, and it was as black as Bao Gong.

“To shut up.”

The angrier he is, the more proud Irene is.

“Are you angry? Oh, I said that you are both a father and a daughter, and you are already very conservative. In fact, you are both a father and a grandson, and someone believes.” Irene said.

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