Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1131

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Chapter 1131

Upon hearing this, Sima Yan’er immediately fell to the ground, hiding her face and crying, her heart twisted like a knife.

It was her, she was the one who harmed Shaun!

If she hadn’t been looking for Shaun as a shield, he would not have offended Huangfuxuan, and he would not have been calculated by Huangfuxuan at this time so that he would lose his life.

For a moment!

Everyone cast mocking glances at Shaun, as if in their eyes, Shaun was a dying person.

Because of him, it broke the sky!

“Okay, then do as you say!”

Perkins agreed instantly, with a smile on his face.


In other words, Shaun is dead!

Huangfuxuan was immediately complacent. Not only he will succeed to eradicate his rival, even he will also wipe out the Bai family. He is killing two birds with one stone. He is a genius.

At this time, everyone’s expressions became more and more interesting, and they all secretly thought:

This time, the Bai family will be out of luck!

“Your name is Huangfuxuan, right? Very good, I remember you!”

But at this moment, Perkins stared straight at Huangfuxuan, the smile on his face looked stiff and hypocritical, giving people a cold feeling.

“Thank you, sir.”

Huangfuxuan was very excited, but he was very puzzled. Why did he feel horror on his back?

It’s like being targeted by a poisonous snake!

“However, let’s wait until the auction ends.”

Perkinss confessed, and then announced the official start of the auction.

Upon seeing this, Huang Fuxuan was disappointed, because he couldn’t wait to see Shaun die.

At this time, he looked at Shaun gloomily:

“Boy, enjoy the last hour of your life. When the auction ends, your life will be lost!”

“Not necessarily.” Shaun smiled calmly, pretentious.

“It’s really a brain-dead, dare to be arrogant even now?”

Huang Fuxuan shook his head. He was no longer able to complain about Shaun’s pretending behavior.

Immediately ordered Ye Shihao: “Ye Shihao, keep an eye on this couple, don’t let them run away, and leave it to Lord Blood for disposal after the auction ends.”

Ye Shihao glanced at Shaun with a complicated expression, without saying a word.

Not far away, Sima Yan’er wanted to come over to find Shaun but was abruptly arrested by Situ Hongrui.

Situ Hongrui sneered coldly. In his opinion, Shaun was already dead. At this time, he should draw a clear line with him to avoid being dragged down by this waste.

Shaun looked at Elvira, who fell on the ground, and suddenly smiled bitterly:

“My wife, the auction has started, let’s go in.”

“Shaun, why are you doing this?”

Elvira looked sharply at Shaun, already crying, she really couldn’t figure out why Shaun wanted to die.

Shaun didn’t know how to explain, so he could only sigh:

“Wife, you just believe me again, we will be fine, maybe there will be surprises in a while.”

“Surprise? What surprise?”

Elvira frowned. For some reason, seeing Shaun’s indifferent appearance made her feel less nervous.

It seems that every time Shaun laughs like this, the problem solves.

“You’ll know in a while.”

Shaun sold a pass and quickly came up to help Elvira.

Elvira suddenly snorted: “If you dare to lie to me, you will kneel on the washboard when you go back at night!”

Shaun: “…”

They both also entered the auction venue, and in an instant everyone cast contempt and mocking eyes.

They both, they do not know whether they will live or die, dare to participate in the auction when they die?

Really they have no brain!

At this time, in their opinion, these two idiots should take the lead in preparing for their own affairs!

But Shaun was arrogant, grabbing Elvira who was panicked and strode into it.

And then, the emcee’s words made the audience completely boil over!

“The first lot is a rare treasure, the heart of aquamarine!”

Huh huh!

All the women stood up instantly!

There are endless desire and obsession in their eyes, completely crazy!

Because it is the most expensive jewelry in the world and the only one in the world!

Exclusive to the queen!

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