Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1454

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Chapter 1454

Then Jacob took the barbecue and walked to the charcoal fire, sat on the spare stool next to it elegantly, and grilled it intently.

On the other side, Janice was carrying a barbecue, looking like a hardworking wife, and said to Irene: “Zhengzheng, you are weak, go and rest. I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

Irene hugged Janice and kissed her on the forehead, “I’m very lucky that Irene can marry you in this life.”

Janice smiled more than Huajiao.

Irene swaggered to the side to rest, and then did not forget to show off her family status to Irene. “Irene, look at your brother, there are skills in training your wife. Isn’t it amazing?”

Then he glanced at Jacob and said proudly: “Isn’t Young Master Zhan the prince who covers the sky with only one hand? Isn’t he going to serve our Yan family’s cabbage.”

Irene stared at Irene angrily, and ordered: “You are a big man sitting next to rest, but you let Janice take care of you. Are you embarrassed?”

Irene looked at Irene speechlessly, “I didn’t talk about you, but did you talk about me? The male lead outside and the female lead inside. As Mrs. Zhan, you dominate your man to do such boring things. Look. Look at these young girls, what do you see on their faces?”

Irene looked at the colorfully dressed girls, their eyes were full of pity and sympathy, and they looked at Jacob.

“What is written?” Irene asked angrily.

“Of course it says: Shao Zhan is such an excellent man, if you don’t know how to feel sorry for him, let us feel better.”

Irene kicked Irene’s a$s, “You’re looking for death.”

After the rage, he thought about it carefully, and he felt that it made sense.

So he walked in front of Jacob with a gloomy face, and Jacob saw that Irene’s face was not good, his handsome face turned black, and he said in anger, “Irene bullied you?”

Irene sighed in frustration, and took the half-baked barbecue from Jacob’s hand. Snuggling against Jacob, he said weakly, “Irene said that I have no femininity, and that I don’t know how to love you.”

Jacob’s yin-bird’s eyes fiercely cut out Irene who was not far away. Then looking at Irene, the harmless smile was restored.

“Fool, you were raised by me. I used to train in the direction I like. You like any kind of brother Viscount.”

Irene’s heart was warmed by these few words.

At this time, Zhuma came over with a plate of roasted ru pig’s knuckles, and said to Jacob with a bit of shyness: “Big Brother Zhan, I baked this for you.”

Jacob glanced at the golden and fragrant Ru pig and asked Irene, “Would you like to eat it?”

Irene wanted to eat in his heart, just to save face, and shook his head.

Jacob resolutely refused: “My family Irene doesn’t like it.”

Zhuma was stunned and muttered: “I didn’t feed her.”

“I don’t eat spicy food. I’m sorry.” Jacob said unceremoniously.

Zhuma awkwardly stuck there, her face was blue and red.

Yu Chengqian didn’t know where it came from, grabbed the barbecue on the Zhumayu plate, and feasted on it.

Then a gentleman made a relief for Zhuma, “Juma, your grilled meat is delicious. He doesn’t eat it because he has no good food.”

How dare you say that Brother Jie has no good fortune?

Irene glanced provocatively at Yu Chengqian, then walked to the offering table, selected the best meat, coated it with a light seasoning, and returned to the charcoal fire to grill it carefully.

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