Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1455

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Chapter 1455

Jacob looked at Yu Chengqian. Tonight, there will be torrents and undercurrents in the apocalypse and the Palace of Military Intelligence. The old lady and Patriarch Yu Sheng are gone, so he must go to deal with the sudden situation tonight.

But the future owner of the house is idling between flowers and butterflies.

“Yu Chengqian, you are a good second generation ancestor.” Jacob said meaningfully.

Yu Chengqianjun’s eyes filled with doubts, Jacob always cherished words like gold, and would not scold him for no reason. Furthermore, today on New Year’s Eve, every household is here to sing and dance to enjoy food. He is not the only one who is so idle.

Seeing Yu Chengqian’s dumbfounded look, Jacob reminded him: “Where is your dog’s legs?”

Yu Chengqian looked in the crowd for a long time, but did not see the shadow of Yu Qian. Wondered: “It’s weird, this guy used to dress up to hook up with women when he arrived in New Year’s Eve. Why didn’t he see him today?”

He glanced at the mysterious and treacherous Jacob, and said, “Do you have anything you want to tell me?”

Jacob hooked his finger towards him, and Yu Chengqian leaned forward.

Jacob said sideways: “What does it mean to hook up other women in front of my elder sister?”

Yu Chengqian thought he was going to say something serious, but he was reprimanded by Jacob’s mindlessly. Suddenly his handsome face crossed.

Immediately, he went back and said, “You instigated my dad behind my back and forced me to marry Irene. What do you mean?”

After Yu Chengqian finished speaking, he straightened his body and stood opposite Jacob.

Both of them are tall and straight, with beautiful faces and fair skin. However, Jacob was slightly higher than Yu Chengqian, and when Jacob was cold, his whole body was like ice and snow, his eyes staring at Yu Chengqian, as if he were his king.

“I’m your cousin. Isn’t it right to care about your life-long events?” Jacob seemed to smile, full of evil charm.

Yu Chengqian was severely stuffed with Huanglian and stared at him depressed. “I, Yu Chengqian, marry Amao Agou, but I won’t marry a woman from your imperial capital.”

Jacob nodded calmly, “Have a spine. Cousin hopes you will be hard to chase after a word.”

After speaking, he patted Yu Chengqian on the shoulder, “Since we discriminate against women in our imperial capital so much, then don’t expect to be able to raise children born to women in our imperial capital.”

This is self-evident. If Yu Chengqian does not marry Irene, he will never want to get the child in Irene’s belly.

Yu Chengqian was slightly stunned.

He will not marry Irene, he is determined.

But his children, he still couldn’t be indifferent.

Irene cut the barbecue into small pieces, and quickly grilled a plate full of barbecue.

Carrying the barbecue, walked to Jacob and said: “Brother Jie, your favorite lamb.”

Jacob looked at the fragrant barbecue, so greedy that he grabbed a piece of barbecue and threw it into his mouth.

The meat is fresh and tender, and the light taste understates the spicy, which not only meets the needs of taste buds, but also protects Jacob’s weak stomach.

“It’s delicious.” Jacob said in full praise.

Yu Chengqian didn’t believe that a lady like Irene would roast delicious and tender lamb. After all, the celebrities and daughters of the imperial capital all have five fingers without onion water. Jacob is also the prince of the imperial capital. If it is not the masterpiece of a top chef, how could he satisfy his picky taste.

“Just pretend.” Yu Chengqian grabbed a piece of barbecue and ate it.

After chewing a few times, the expression on his face became more and more embarrassed.

Jacob looked at him proudly, “Aren’t you jealous of me to marry such a beautiful, smart and capable wife?”

Yu Chengqian swallowed the barbecue and licked his lips. He was a little puzzled. “I heard that you wear an apron and turn around the stove every day. Don’t make a show for others. I think your house is still cooking?”

Jacob’s handsome face was filled with a happy smile. Said: “In the first half of my life, Irene made it for me. In the second half of my life, I made it for her. So our cooking skills are very good.”

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