Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1456

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Chapter 1456

Yu Chengqian’s flat mouth… caught off guard and was stuffed with dog food by Jacob.

Glancing at the bright smiling Jacob, Yu Chengqian’s gloomy mentality was at work, wishing to freeze his heart moistened by love for thousands of miles.

“When you marry Juma, who does your family cook?” He mischievously wanted to destroy the stable world of Irene and Jacob.

Jacob said confidently: “I have a clingy foot. I will not let other women enter the door to add to the troubles of the clingy. This is my promise to her.”

Yu Chengqian laughed lightly, “You are too confident of yourself. And you underestimate the old lady’s ability to be a demon.”

Yu Chengqian blinked at him playfully, obscurely said: “Look at the fate of my dad and my mother, you shouldn’t be so blindly confident.”

Jacob remembered the scene of Yu Sheng playing cards and frivolous beauty, and sneered: “Compare me with your dad? I don’t have his simple hobbies.”

Yu Chengqian said: “My dad used to pet my mother just like you. He also made a poisonous oath that if he betrayed my mother in this life, let him cut off his children and grandchildren.”

Jacob’s expression froze.

Yu Chengqian succeeded in seeing that Jacob was in a bad mood, and stopped playing tricks.

“I hope you will always treat your lingering as you first saw.”

Jacob decided: “Don’t bother you, I will.”

After Yu Chengqian left, Jacob’s long and stalwart body trembled almost invisible.

Yu Chengqian’s warning made him nervous.

If the old lady insists on marrying Zhuma, he is afraid that he is easy to hide from the sword.

Leaving Mount Everest seems to be an urgent matter.

However, Derek needs a shield and blessing in the last days.

Before the dispute between the Palace of Military Intelligence and the end of the world was resolved, he left the end of the world, seemingly irresponsible to Yu Jiazhai.

Jacob’s gaze swept to the side of Irene, frowning his eyebrows, wishing that the weak Irene would not be disturbed by the disturbances from outside.

The sky darkened, and the dome covered Mount Everest.

The fire of the campfire illuminates everyone’s face.

At this time, some well-fed teenagers and girls held hands and started singing and dancing.

Yu Chengqian was pushed and shoved by the girls to maximize his dude style.

“Brother Yu, are you drinking with me?”

“Okay, brother accompany you.”

“Brother Yu, when will you marry someone and come in? I’m still waiting for you. If you don’t marry me, I will become an old girl?”

“And I?”

“Marry, marry… marry all. Pick a beautiful day and marry you all in the door.”

Irene sat in the corner, staring at Yu Chengqian with fire-breathing eyes.

“Sister, tell me honestly, did Yu Chengqian bully you?”

It’s no wonder that Irene is too mindful. Yu Chengqian travels among all kinds of beauties tonight. It can be said that he is soaked in the rain and dew of those beauties, but he has not cared about the big sister.

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