Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1137

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Chapter 1137

Looking at the tens of billions of jewelry.

Elvira couldn’t be happy at all, because she also knew that Shaun was not the King of the Blood Prison at all, but a fake!

Once the blood master finds out, then Shaun and even their Bai family will be ruined!

It’s just that now, she can’t explain the truth, otherwise, the blood master is likely to become angry and kill them here.

Only after the auction is over, go to the Blood Lord to clarify, return the Seablue Heart and pay a huge amount of compensation, so maybe they can get back their life.


At this moment, the atmosphere of the audience dropped to the freezing point with a cold snort!

The blood master’s eyes are about to split, and he looks fiercely at the two elders:

“My king, what should I do with these two people?”


Huangfuxuan was so scared that he fell down from the chair, his face was full of horror!

Because he knew that the blood master had already determined that this counterfeit was the king of the blood prison, then he would follow his words.

Today, they cannot escape the disaster!

On the side, Situ Hongrui’s expression was hard to see the extreme.

What a shame for both of them to let a counterfeit and waste control their destiny?

“You figure it out,” Shaun replied casually.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was furious!

This bastard, does he really regard him as the king of the blood prison?

Does he dare to dominate the fate of the two young men?

This is simply looking for death!

The blood master snorted coldly and said condescendingly: “Insulted my king, I’m breaking your legs today as a punishment!”


The audience got shocked!

The blood master wants to break the legs of two.

Then from now on, they will become useless!

“Shaun, please spare my brother, he didn’t mean it!”

Sima Yan’er hurriedly begged Shaun.

Shaun couldn’t help frowning, and then stared at Situ Hongrui closely:

“You are dismissed!”

Seeing Sima Yan’er’s face, Shaun didn’t want to embarrass her.

It’s just that Situ Hongrui is not grateful at all, but his face is gloomy, and Shaun glared coldly:

“Don’t think that this matter will end here. Counterfeit goods will always be counterfeit goods. Once the King of Blood Prison comes, you and the Bai family will definitely die!”

When he finished speaking, he left angrily.

Shaun shook his head and chuckles, silent!

“Do it!”

The blood master yelled violently, and his murderous intentions appeared.

A group of blood prison powerhouses, suddenly like ghosts and charms, pounced from all corners!

They moved towards Huangfuxuan and surrounded him!

“Shaun, I came here to bid for Seablue Heart by the order of the blood prison mad god, dare you to hurt me!”

Huangfuxuan suddenly roared angrily: “If he knows that you pretend to be the king of the blood prison, no one in this world can save you!”


All the blood prison members stopped and looked at Shaun.

Upon seeing this, Huangfuxuan smiled triumphantly:

“Shaun, the mad god of blood prison has seen the real king of blood prison, if you can take the initiative to admit that you are a counterfeit at this time, and kneel down and give me three beeps, maybe I can still be the mad god for you and say a few nice words in front of them.”


Shaun smiled slightly and waved suddenly!

Click! Click!

In full view, his legs were abruptly broken!


The sorrowful howl suddenly resounded throughout the venue!

Huangfuxuan’s eyes were blood red, and he was completely furious!

This guy is crazy!

He is a counterfeit, still, he dared to attack him. Isn’t he really afraid of the revenge of the mad god of blood prison?

In the next moment, Huangfuxuan stared at Shaun like a mad:

“Also, you have dared to hurt me. You are going to die! I must report to the mad god of blood prison and let him tore your body into pieces!”


Shaun, who was about to leave, smiled contemptuously:

“I am waiting!”

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