Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1460

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Chapter 1460

“Are you poisoned?” Jason said.

Hua Wuyou probably also knew that his deadline was approaching, so she said a few words with difficulty: “Derek, be careful of your foster father.”

Then he lost his breath completely.

Jason memorized Hua Wuyou. Although Wuyou was an agent of the Military Intelligence Hall, Wuyou knew Derek’s nickname, which showed that their relationship was very close. Finally, when Wuyou died, her warning to Derek also revealed Wuyou’s unreserved affection for Derek.

Jason could not abandon such worry-free.

At least he didn’t want to let such a kind and innocent girl expose the corpse to the wilderness, and finally fall into the mouth of the beast.

Jason walked a section of the mountain road with worry-free on his back, and met the remaining money that came to support him.

Jason handed the worry-free corpse to Yu Qian and commanded majesticly: “You carry her to Qingmei Town. Tell me Daddy, bury her thickly.”

Yu Qian glanced at Hua Wuyou on Jason’s back, and muttered dissatisfiedly: “These are the fox spirits from the Military Intelligence Palace. It is not a pity to die, why should we bury her?”

Jason said: “Stop talking nonsense. Just do it.”

Yu Qian then ordered a guard, saying: “Carry on your back, go.”

At this time, a firework suddenly flashed in the northwest sky.

Jason looked at the hidden signal in the fireworks: “The best evildoer, come back quickly.”

Jason immediately turned around, like a panther, galloping to the northwest.

Qingmei Town.

When the remaining money escorted Hua Wuyou to Qingmei Town, it was already five o’clock in the morning.

Irene slept soundly.

Jacob was preoccupied with something in his heart, with one hand resting his head, staring at a pair of faint eyes and looking out the window thoughtfully.

He never felt that time flies so slowly.

Hearing the knock on the door outside, Jacob walked off the bed almost immediately.

Irene was awakened by his actions, and looked at him dazedly, “Is Derek coming back?”

Jacob’s body condenses slightly.

The outside world must be bloody.

Jas can’t come back.

Derek will not come at this time either.

“Perhaps so. I’ll open the door, and you can sleep well.” Jacob gently patted her on the head, trying to make his tone sound calm and calm.

“Oh.” Irene nodded. Close your eyes obediently.

After Jacob left, Irene’s confusion finally passed, and she became sober at this moment.

Jason Derek came so late, should something important, right?

She put on her clothes quickly and hurriedly chased out.


The remaining money put the worry-free body on the ground. At that time, Hua Wuyou’s face slowly turned a little black. The corpse also slowly became stiff.

When Jacob opened the door, the strange corpse was greeted.

“What’s going on?” Jacob angrily scolded the remaining money.

The agent of the Military Intelligence Hall, the body can completely dispose of it by himself, can it be guilty of alarming him at night?

Yu Qian was aggrieved tightly, “It was Young Master Jas who asked us to send the corpse to Qingmei Town, and also asked me to give you a word: Burial her.”

Jacob’s eyes fell on Hua Wuyou’s wound, slightly startled.

This woman was poisoned by the Military Intelligence Palace…

Since Jason let him bury her thickly, she must have a pure and kind heart, and she is definitely not a person who is associated with a wolf.

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