Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1459

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Chapter 1459

At the foot of Mount Everest, the heroic girls, dressed in black night clothes, with climbing tools tied around their waists, are ready to go.

The eldest sister Huarong glanced meaningfully at Nine Sister Hua Wuyou, and said in a deep voice: “This time going up the mountain, there are two purposes. One is to overcome all difficulties and rescue the little fox back to the Military Palace. The other is… “

After a pause, he said: “Hua Wuyou takes the order.”

Hua Wuyou said sharply: “Yes.”

“Worry Hua, the organization sent you to Yujiazhai undercover.”

Hua Wuyou dumbfounded. “I?”

Undercover agents need to have courage, courage, and vigilant, deep-seated people. Among all the sisters, Hua Wuyou’s character is the most innocent and the most transparent-least suitable for undercover.

Therefore, all the sisters felt weird for the superior’s order.

The eldest sister Huarong had an obscure look in her eyes.

“Obeying orders is the iron-blooded principle of the Military Intelligence Palace, ready to go.”

Soon, the thirteen ring masters dispersed, like ghosts, using climbing tools to climb Mount Everest at an extremely fast speed.

When Jiu Sister Hua Wuyou climbed halfway up the mountain, the eldest sister suddenly appeared in front of her unconsciously.

Hua Wuyou happily said, “Sister, you are on the same road with me?”

The eldest sister Hua Rong pulled off her towel and looked at Hua Wu You quietly.

The surroundings fell into death-like silence.

Only the two hot rays of the elder sister shot into Hua Wuyou’s pupils like sharp blades.

Hua Wuyou is fifteen years old this year and entered the Military Love Palace at the age of eight.

She still remembers that when Wuyou first came to the Military Intelligence Hall, the evildoer once sighed meaningfully: “I’m eight years old, I’m afraid I won’t be able to feed him.”

“I’m afraid the foster father has never really trusted Wuyou.”

“Worry-free, do you like little foxes?” Hua Rong’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Hua Wuyou smiled and said, “I like it. Big sister, don’t you like little fox too?”

“For the little fox, is it not hesitating to violate the ban of the Military Intelligence Palace?”

The elder sister’s aggressiveness made Wuyou suddenly feel anxious. At this moment, her heart is as transparent and innocent as boiled water, and she realizes the true meaning of Yujiazhai under the military palace.

It turned out that the Military Intelligence Hall abandoned her.

The Military Intelligence Palace wanted her to disappear forever in Yujiazhai.

Hua Wuyou became vigilant, “I swear, I have never done anything against the Military Intelligence Temple.”

When she raised her hand to swear, Hua Rong thought that she was going to do something to her, and took the lead in pulling out the dagger that she held in advance, and piercing Hua Wuyou’s chest.

Hua Wuyou suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood, and the horrified Tongzi looked at her elder sister in disbelief.

Hua Rong took a step forward, and buried her trembling face on her shoulders with tears.

“Sorry, no worries.”

Hua Wuyou weakly gossamer said: “Why do you want to do this to me?”

“Why are you so stupid? Help Derek and Irene recognize each other?” The older sister bitterly accused her.

The despair, pain and unwillingness in Hua Wuyou’s eyes instantly condensed into a smile. She pushed her elder sister away, clutching her bleeding chest, and smiled softly. “So I died for him, that’s worth it.”

A white mausoleum pierced the sky like a sword and suddenly stabbed the eldest sister.

The eldest sister looked at the young boy who suddenly appeared in dismay. He was wearing a beige trench coat, a white scarf, and a brave posture. He jumped down from a height.

Little Fox?

The eldest sister hurriedly put on a scarf, turned and fell into the night.

Jason watched Hua Wuyou, who was dying on the ground, walked towards her slowly. Pulling off the scarf on her face, Jason was slightly surprised to see that it was a delicate girl’s face.

Seeing Jason, Hua Wuyou was suddenly so excited that she took Jason’s hand and tried to sit up. This movement moved her whole body. A mouthful of dark purple blood came out.

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