Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1140

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Chapter 1140

Seeing it!

The family members let out a long sigh of relief, and at the same time showed a malicious smile.

At this time, the success of the disaster drew the water into the east, the Mad God Lord was completely angry, and the Bai family would be destroyed!

Huangfuzheng was also overjoyed and asked quickly: “Master Mad God, that is to say, that the one who appeared in the auction of Xuetufeng is really a fake?”

“Not bad!”

The blood prison mad god nodded: “I just received the news today that my king is currently leading the blood prison members in the United States to eradicate a powerful dark power temple!”

“It is absolutely impossible to appear in China!”

It really is a counterfeit!

The faces of Huangfuxuan and Situ Hongrui suddenly showed a thick mockery, and they laughed gleefully.

The bastard was really pretending.

Now that the truth is revealed, everyone knows that he is a fake, then Shaun will undoubtedly die!

The blood prison mad god was furious, not only Shaun was about to die, but even the Bai family was also going affected!

Especially Huangfuxuan, at this time, he was crazy, because Shaun would be reduced to waste, and he is about to die, his face is full of excitement!

Shaun, wait!

Before long, you will die under the hands of Lord Mad God, and before that, I will torture you severely and insult your wife!

It’s hard for you to save your life this time!

At this time!

The blood prison mad god wrath command:

“Huangfu’s family, Sima’s family, I order you to eradicate the Bai family and bring the dregs who dare to pretend to be my king to me. I will tear his body into pieces!”

“I’m heading to Jiangnan!”

Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming agreed at the same time, with thick grins on their faces.

Because they all know that the Bai family is over!

The blood prison mad god on the other side has already hung up the call.

Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming both smiled maliciously, and slowly stood up, looking around the people below.

“You have heard the words of Lord Mad God. From now on, our two families will officially declare war on the Bai family!”


The people of the two families all showed ecstasy!

Because they all know that this is the best opportunity to please Lord Mad God, and once it is done, it will be a great achievement!

“My dear grandson, don’t worry, if you are wronged, Grandpa will make the Bai family pay a hundred times the price!”

Huangfuzheng looked at Huangfuxuan and said murderously.

“Grandpa, I’m going to break Shaun’s hands and feet, and then insult his wife in front of him!”

A crazy smile appeared on Huangfuxuan’s face, and he had completely lost his mind: “Slowly torture his father-in-law and mother-in-law to death!”

“Hey, no problem! When the Mad God arrives in Jiangnan, the whole Bai family will be flattened, it’s all up to you!”

Huangfuzheng sneered again and again as if the Bai family was already his pallet fish.

And the whole Huangfu’s house is also very excited!

All Huangfu’s family members uttered bad words:

“A trash son-in-law dared to hurt the genius of my Huangfu family. This is simply not putting our Huangfu family in the eyes. It is not a pity to die for him!”

“Shaun will be handed over to Lord Mad God to dispose of, and then let his family be slaves forever, being enslaved and insulted by our two families for generations!”

“Shaun’s wife is so beautiful. Don’t miss it when that happens. Let her be a fun tool for all of us!”

But at this time, hearing the foul language of the crowd, Sima Yan’er already felt short of breath, and then her eyes went dark, she fainted on the spot!

“Shaun, I killed you!”

“I’m sorry!”

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