Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586

Opposite the jacaranda is the kapok tree, watching in pairs.

The old lady looked at the tough and tall jacaranda, and at the chinensis artificially attached to the jacaranda, suddenly said with emotion: “This place was originally a small courtyard for listening to the wind. But after Jacob came to Mount Everest, This other courtyard was called for, and after several months of renovation, it slowly became what it is now. Here, there is also a new name: Qingmei Town! I think this is a gift from Jacob to Irene. This blue flower Ying is him, and Campsis is Irene. Even if we don’t like the softness of Campsis, Jacob likes it.”

Cassandra said without saying a word.

In her opinion, Irene was nothing but a dispensable thing similar to clothes for Jacob. But she didn’t expect Jacob to take such pains to transform a Qingmei town out for Irene.

His heart was suddenly filled with jealousy, and Jacob had never treated her mother like this.

Cassandra’s jealousy of Irene once again distorted her humanity.

“Juma, let’s go in.” She said with a dark face.

Juma immediately knocked on the door, the sound of the knock was rapid and forceful, and the rhythm seemed chaotic.

Janice hurried out to open the door. Seeing Cassandra and his party, Janice was dumb.

“What are you doing here?” Janice asked calmly.

Cassandra was accustomed to being admired, and she was very unhappy when she saw that no one would wait to see her. “Janice, where is your brother?”

“I don’t know.” Janice Mianli sarcastically said, “My brother is such a big man and has his own life, and I am not a housekeeper, so why do I care about my brother’s private affairs.”

Cassandra’s face became even more ugly, she knew Janice was insinuating against her. Not to be outdone, she attacked: “Yes, you are just the adopted daughter of the Jacob after all, and you are not a brother or sister to Jacob. Of course you will not be so concerned about Jacob.”

Janice said angrily: “Cassandra, you…”

“You leave me, I want to go in.” Cassandra said domineering extraordinary.

Zhu Ma stepped forward and knocked Janice away, and Cassandra pushed the wheelchair into it.

Irene was taking care of luggage in the living room, two large suitcases, one for Jacob and the other for the children. Irene folded Jacob’s clothes neatly in the suitcase.

Cassandra saw Jacob’s clothes in her suitcase, and immediately believed that Jacob was going back to the capital.

“Okay, Irene, you unexpectedly motivated Jacob to return to the imperial capital behind your back. Why is your heart so vicious, I have just reunited with Jacob’s mother and son, you are going to separate us?” Cassandra was so angry that he could not choose to speak.

Irene only thought that she was about to leave Mount Everest soon, so she would bear with Cassandra, as long as she left Mount Everest, she would be free again.

Who knew that Cassandra looked at her silently, even more angry. She quickly slid the wheelchair forward, reached out her hand to pull up the luggage, and poured out all the contents inside.

What she said was even more utterly condemning, “Irene, if you want to go, go, we will never hinder you in the last days. But Jacob is my son, a hero of our Yujiazhai, he doesn’t need to go with you.”

Irene’s innocent pupils were immediately full of anger, “Cassandra, I order you to pick it up for me.”

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