Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1587

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Chapter 1587

Irene used to be humble and obedient in front of Cassandra. Suddenly, it was as if she had been pulled out of the scales, every cell clamored against Cassandra.

She commanded Cassandra with her domineering tone, and stepped on Cassandra’s dignity and dignity under her feet. How could Cassandra aloft swallow this breath?

After all, she is a mother-in-law, and Irene is a young wife. Irene dared to provoke her, which means that she has failed as a mother-in-law.

“Irene, how dare you order me? I’m your mother-in-law, how about your character of respecting the old and loving the young?” Cassandra gritted his teeth and said angrily.

Irene was very angry and furious, “Cassandra, when I used to call your mother, I really thought of you as my mother-in-law, and I wanted to get along with you kindly. But you didn’t have the manner of being a mother-in-law, you were cruel and heartless. You want to break up my marriage with Brother Jie, you still pour dirty water on me, whether it is tolerable or unbearable, from now on, you will no longer be my mother-in-law. You don’t expect me to obey you.”

Cassandra sneered, “Hehe. If you don’t want to recognize me as a mother-in-law, then divorce Jacob. Only if you are divorced, you will not drag Jacob, and I won’t bother to look at you then.”

Irene’s face was green and white.

She never thought of divorcing Jacob, but seeing Cassandra’s face, her eyes were all contempt for her, trampling on her dignity unscrupulously… Irene’s pride did not allow herself to live. So wretched.

“Why, you can’t bear it?” Cassandra escalated provocatively, “Hmph, just your dilapidated body, besides my family Jacob, who else would accept you? Irene, aren’t you just bullying me and Jacob stupid. Rely on him and let him take care of you tirelessly. You are so selfish.”

Irene was so angry that her whole body shook like a sieve. Suddenly, she turned around and walked to the coffee table, spread out the pen and paper, quickly wrote a divorce agreement, pressed her handprint, and then handed the divorce agreement to Cassandra.

“Cassandra, you can be optimistic. I and your son are already divorced. You have to take care of your son and ask him to sign it. Also, let him never show up in front of me. Because now, in my eyes here, he is worthless. He has an unreasonable mother like you, so I don’t care about him anymore.”

Irene threw the divorce agreement on Cassandra’s face and roared: “Get out of here now.”

Cassandra accepted the divorce agreement and nodded in satisfaction when she saw Irene wrote “The relationship is broken, it is hard to get over it”.

Lifting her eyes to look at Irene, she smiled and said, “You told me to get out? Irene, you seem to be mistaken. This is my home. You should be the one to get out.”

Irene was so angry that her chest was ups and downs, she turned around and took the suitcase and walked out of the gate.

When passing the door, Irene smashed away from Grandpa Yu and Zhantingcheng, and left without looking back.

Janice was probably extremely angry, and her heart was ready to tear Cassandra away. However, she turned her grief and anger into strength and laughed instead of anger.

“Congratulations, Cassandra, your good days are over.”

At the gate, the three brothers and sisters of the Zhan Family and the nine sisters from the Military Intelligence Hall lined up and stopped Irene who had left angrily.

When Irene saw the children, her angry face forced a smile. She stepped forward and hugged the little girls, and asked softly: “Is the injury all right?”

“Yeah.” The girls responded crisply.

Jason’s icy Yingtong fixedly looked at Cassandra and the old ladies who came out. Seeing Cassandra’s desperate face, he, who is thoughtful, has guessed how wronged Mommy was.

Otherwise, the weak mummy would not leave with a suitcase alone.

“Oh, these are those foxes in the Military Intelligence Hall?” Cassandra asked without a word when seeing the girls.

Irene slapped Cassandra fiercely with a backhand and roared: “Cassandra, don’t insult my child.”

It’s like an eagle attacking a chicken in anger.

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