Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1588

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Chapter 1588

Irene protects shortcomings, which is unreasonably domineering.

Five finger prints appeared on Cassandra’s face in an instant. Grandpa Yu loved her daughter and Zhan Tingcheng loved his wife. The two yelled in unison: “Irene, stop!”

Cassandra covered her face, gritted her teeth with hatred, “Juma, teach her a good lesson.”

Juma stood up immediately.

The figures of Jason and Derek flashed before their mother.

Derek rolled up his sleeves and said proudly: “Jas, teach this yellow-haired girl, I’ll be fine.”

The war fell back.

Cassandra said angrily: “Derek, I am your grandmother. Don’t forget who protected your life when you were in the Military Palace.”

Derek bit his lip. Looking at Mommy in embarrassment. Because Mommy taught her that life-saving grace is greater than heaven…

Jason said coldly: “Derek entered the Palace of Love, and didn’t want to think about who caused the evil? If you hadn’t killed Boye, the evil evil would not be angry with my father. The sin that Derek suffered was caused by our family. All the sins you suffer are paying off your debts! Speaking of which, we are your life-savers. You ungrateful white-eyed wolf.”

The eloquent talent of Jason, Cassandra who said it was ashamed.

Irene was already angry. Cassandra bullying her has made her upset enough. She still insulted her adopted daughter life and death. Irene didn’t strike a single place, and said angrily: “Derek, just hit me to death. I will be responsible for the death and disability.”

As soon as Irene’s voice fell, Derek jumped up.

Zhuma is strong in martial arts, but Derek, who has learned martial arts into a fascination, has gradually fallen into a disadvantage.

Cassandra immediately ordered the other thugs, “Give it to me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sisters from the Military Intelligence Hall immediately stepped forward.

“If you want to play Derek, then pass our level first.”

As a result, the two sides fought fiercely.

The old lady shouted disgustingly: “Stop it for me.”

Derek said, “It’s okay if you want me to stop. You can ask your daughter to apologize to my mommy. As long as she coaxes my mommy out of anger, I will stop immediately.”

Cassandra furiously said, “You stinky boy, why should I apologize to your mother? I’m your grandma, your daddy’s mommy…I’m an elder!”

Derek said: “If you do something wrong, you have to apologize.”

Cassandra said angrily: “Zuma, you will be their stepmother in the future, you have to use your skills to subdue him, otherwise you will not be able to control him in the future.”

“Yes, auntie.” Zhuma has Cassandra’s support, and her shot becomes more fierce.

Derek sneered, “I want to be my mother, did my daddy agree?”

Cassandra said desperately: “Your mommy even wrote the divorce agreement. Just wait for your daddy to sign it. Derek, let’s face it, Zhuma will be your stepmother sooner or later.”

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