Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1228

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Chapter 1228


Several figures appeared in the crowd in an instant.

They are three masters!

A thick hideous color appeared on Li Sang Hyuk’s face. Since Shaun broke his leg last time, he has summoned Li’s nearest master to Jiang City.

And now!

He wants to take revenge for the broken leg and completely crippled Shaun!

Seeing the menacing three masters, Elvira’s face suddenly turned pale, and there was an urge to turn around and run away!

And now!

Shaun patted her back with one hand, and then looked at the three masters indifferently:

“Five meters in front of me is the limit. Those who cross the line…will die!!!”


Shaun’s words are full of endless arrogance and domineering!

It seems that as long as he wants to, he can smash all the people in front of him!

His words fell in the ears of everyone, but they looked extremely funny.

At the moment, Wen Qian, Li Xianghe, and everyone there looked at Shaun as if they were looking at an idiot, with extreme contempt and disdain.


Lee Sang Hyuk laughed loudly as if he has heard a big joke:

“Shaun, do you really think you are invincible in the world? You are just a grandmaster, and now there are three grandmasters on my side, killing you is easy!”

“You still dare to speak up even now, you don’t take a piss to take pictures of your own virtues! I advise you to kneel down immediately and apologize. Maybe I can still consider and give you a chance!”

The others shook their heads, their faces full of contempt, which can be described as extremely contemptuous.

“They are so arrogant, don’t face them alone, you’ll be beaten into disability!”

“With one against three, what’s the chance of winning? Does this guy consider himself a great master? It’s ridiculous!”

“Oh, he is really domineering! He stole something from someone and dare to be so arrogant. His face is not so thick!”

A sneer of disdain sounded!

As for everyone there, none of them believed that Shaun, this waste, could be one enemy of three!

Facing everyone’s contempt and humiliation, Shaun replied indifferently:

“The same thing, I won’t say it again!”


These words completely angered Lee Sang Hyuk and the three masters, and a strong murderous intent appeared on their faces.

“Break his legs! But don’t kill him, I will personally smash him into pieces!”

Lee Sang Hyuk’s face was gloomy, his eyes were full of fierceness, and he roared sharply!


At this moment, the three masters rushed out like tigers, and slew fiercely towards Shaun!

Seeing this!

Both Wen Qian and Li Sang Hyuk’s faces were extremely excited.

As they have seen Shaun screaming in pain under the attack of the three masters.

Everyone laughed contemptuously at the same time.

Do you think that his arrogant words can scare the three masters back?

What an idiot!

This kid is going to die!

Twenty meters!

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Already close at hand!

Just as everyone was about to applaud and celebrate Shaun’s tragic situation, the high spirits, at this moment…

Was ruthlessly pinched!


A grandmaster fell to the ground feebly, his eyes widened round, full of horror and disbelief!

His neck has been completely twisted and deformed, and it is obvious that it is caused by a huge pull.



Everyone was horrified to see that three corpses were lying quietly under Shaun’s feet, the same dead eyes!

The smiles on everyone’s faces disappeared silently and then turned into endless astonishment and shock.


How could this be!

Wen Qian and the others were dumbfounded, staring at Shaun with an endlessly horrified look.

They didn’t even notice how Shaun made the move!

And now!

At the corner of Shaun’s mouth, a devilish smile burst out:

“As I said, I won’t say it again!”

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