Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1227

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Chapter 1227


Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar!

At this moment, everyone was deeply shocked, their eyes widened, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

This Sea Blue Heart is the Queen’s object?

But why did it fall into the hands of Shaun and his wife?

“They’ve also heard that the Blood Lord once showed the Heart of Aquamarine at the auction of Blood Tubing, and finally gave it to the Queen!”


Everyone there was in an uproar, and their faces were full of shock!

It turned out to be real!

Is this sea blue heart really the queen’s object?


After hearing these words, Lee Sang Hyuk and Wen Qian, a strong surprise suddenly appeared on their faces.

Lee Sang Hyuk quickly asked the old man: “Uncle Mr. Zen, can you confirm that this sea blue heart is real?”

The old man nodded very confidently:

“Of course! I have been fascinated by this sea blue for a long time, and I will never read it wrong!”


Lee Sang Hyuk smiled viciously, then stared at Elvira, suddenly shouting:

“Elvira, you are so courageous! You dare to steal the queen’s necklace, and even dare to show it off, you are damned!”


For a moment!

Everyone just looked at Elvira and Shaun as if they had seen a ghost.

Panic to the extreme!


These two guys are simply crazy!

Even they dared to steal queen’s things.

If Blood Prison came to know, then the entire Jiang City will be razed to the ground!

Everyone will be affected!


Everyone’s expressions became gloomy for an instant, and the eyes looking at Shaun and Elvira were full of anger and contempt.

Feeling dragged down by these two thieves.

“Elvira, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You stole someone else’s things and showed it off. You are really disgusting!”

Seeing Elvira and Shaun, they have successfully aroused public anger, Wen Qian quickly draws a line with them, sneered:

“Being a friend with you really blinded me! Starting today, I officially broke off friendship with you, a thief!”

“You bullsh!t! I’m not a thief!”

Elvira roared hoarse, eyes full of tears of shame:

“This necklace was given to me by the Blood Lord!”

At the moment when Elvira’s words fell!


The whole audience burst into laughter, and everyone’s faces were full of contempt as if they had heard a big joke.

“Elvira, you can speak such shameless words, saying that you are disgusting is to praise you!”

Wen Qian tweeted twice, with a deep disdain on her face:

“What kind of thing are you, the blood master will give you the necklace that belonged to the queen? Do you want to say that your identity is nobler than the queen?”

On the side, Lee Sang Hyuk also snorted coldly:

“How honorable is the queen, she is the wife of the world’s strongest man, the first lady worthy of the name!”

“Only she is worthy of this tens of billions of sea-blue heart, and what are you? A b!tch who does her best, the blood master can’t give you such a precious necklace unless he is blind!”

Just listening to this!

In the eyes of everyone there, there was also strong anger, and they shouted:

“What nonsense these two are? Directly maimed them, then imprison them, wait for the blood prison to come!”

“Yes! These two thieves dared to steal the queen’s things, this is a disaster for our Jiang City! They must be handed over to the blood prison to calm the emperor and queen’s anger!”

Everyone resented so much as if they couldn’t wait to put Elvira and Shaun to death!

Seeing this!

Elvira’s face turned pale and her eyes became dull.

At this moment, despair is at its extreme!

Because at this time, no matter what she said, no one believed, the harlot, the thief, the b!tch, all kinds of bad insults were imposed on her.

And all this is because of her good friend!

However, there is more to it!

Seeing that the situation is the same, there was a thick hideous color on Lee Sang Hyuk’s face, and he immediately ordered:

“Come here! Catch these two dogs!”

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