Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1607

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Chapter 1607

“Daddy, Faith said they won’t come back for dinner.” Derek hung up the phone and shouted at the kitchen.

Jason said: “I know.” At this time, Derek’s cell phone rang again, and when Derek saw the familiar number displayed by the caller ID, he was so surprised that he grabbed the phone and ran to the kitchen.

The transparent glass door was locked from the inside, and Derek banged on the door, and pointed his finger at the phone excitedly.

Jacob and Jason only regarded him as Faith for two days, and the high-cold duo of father and son turned a blind eye to Derek’s exaggerated reaction.

“Hey Mommy, where are you? Derek missed you so much.” Derek had to make a loud voice on purpose.

Jacob opened the glass door and stunned Tongzi standing in front of Derek. At that moment, the blood in his body boiled. Because of his excitement, his brain got stuck, and he would not react for a while. He should do it what.

Jason still hinted that Derek had activated the hands-free…

Derek pressed the hands-free button and heard Irene’s voice.

“Hanbao, Mommy will be back soon. You have to eat well and sleep well, so that you have the energy to study hard. If you are really bored and empty, raise some pets to distract you. By the way, help Mommy take care of it. Sisters of the Good Military Palace,”

She said a lot in one breath. From her voice, Jacob heard that her breath was very unstable, and her breath was insufficient, which was obviously related to her physical weakness.

Derek’s conversation turned, “Mummy, we all miss you. Especially Daddy, he has fallen in love with each other. He has lost a lot…”

Zheng Ling was silent.

Suddenly Jacob stretched out his hand, and Derek handed the phone to Jacob.

“Zhengling, where are you? I’ll pick you up home.”


Jacob looked at the phone that had been hung up mercilessly by Zheng Ling. Some could not bear the shock. His face was very gray. He looked at the phone in a daze for a long time, then returned the phone to his son. He walked into the kitchen with a dark face.

Then, in the next kitchen, there was the sound of pots and pans falling from time to time.

Jacob was operating the dinner absently, but he was panicked. He was thinking about his being refused by Zheng Ling to answer the phone.

Zheng Ling, how do you hate him? Don’t even answer his phone?

He knew that Zheng Ling was a person who loved the house and the black. Now I am afraid that she hates the house and the house.

Thinking that Zheng Ling might alienate him because he hated his mother, and pulled out his feelings for him mercilessly, Jacob’s heart became irritated.

The other side.

Zheng Ling held the hot phone in a daze for a long time.

Madam Yu came over and patted her shoulder, “Zhengling, are you really planning to ignore him for the rest of your life?”

Zhengling said, “At this time, it’s best not to provoke him.”

She seems to be a lot of alienation. Her reason. She hates Cassandra, and Jacob is Cassandra’s favorite son. She can’t guarantee that she will not use him as a tool to avenge Cassandra when she is furious.

It’s like the last time she was on Mount Everest, Jacob obviously didn’t make many mistakes, but she slapped him in the face. Seeing Cassandra’s sorrowful expression, she felt the pleasure of revenge.

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