Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1592

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Chapter 1592


Bai Yi’s face changed wildly, and she didn’t expect the other party to be so shameless.

Obviously he harassed her, but she turned out to seduce him?


In the next instant, Bai Yi received a heavy slap in the face, was slapped, and collapsed on the ground.

She was stunned!

And the one who shot is the shrew!

“You…why do you beat someone?”

Bai Yi cried aggrievedly. She didn’t do anything. Why did the other party beat her?

“Little wave hoof, dare to hit me with the idea of a man Cuiyun, hitting you is considered light, if you don’t give me three knees and nine knocks, I will tear your face!”
Miao Cuiyun roared with a ferocious expression. After seeing Bai Yi’s beauty, she suddenly became jealous and wanted to take it apart.

At this time, more and more people watched over, and when they heard this, they all stared at Bai Yi with contempt.

“This girl’s family, what a bad thing to do at a young age, is really shameless to destroy other people’s family!”

“She looks like a fox face, It’s not a good thing at first sight!”

“Bitch! Shameless! I babble!”

And hearing this swearing, Bai Yi kept crying. Shaking his head vigorously:

“I didn’t, I really didn’t, she was harassing me!”

“I am wronged! “


She didn’t expect to come to the mall once, how could she end up like this?

She obviously didn’t do anything!

Why is this happening!

“Wife, don’t believe her nonsense, that bitch came out of the toilet, hit me on purpose, and then asked for my phone number. If I don’t give it to her, I will pester me!”
“If you don’t believe it, you can check the surveillance!” Song Donglin said shamelessly, looking at Lin Fan extremely sinister, he wanted to see how this slut ended up.

“Bitch, do you dare to lie? See if I won’t kill you!”

Hearing this, Miao Cuiyun suddenly jumped into a rage, and planned to go up and continue teaching Bai Yi.

And in her eyes, a sharp look was suddenly wiped, and her hands were hooked. She was going to tear this bitch’s face and ruin her face!
See how she will seduce men in the future!

“No, no!”

Bai Yi also seemed to see the other party’s intentions, and she kept moving back, shaking her head, tears streaming down her head.

“Help me, please help me!”

Bai Yi looked at the people present, hoping they could lend a hand.

But in their eyes, there is only contempt and disdain. In their eyes, Bai Yi is a slut who destroys the family, and she deserves the fate of today.

And then!

Miao Cuiyun’s claws slashed towards Bai Yi’s face fiercely!

Seeing this, Bai Yi suddenly closed her eyes in fright!

Just waited for a long time, but the expected pain did not come, Bai Yi opened his eyes in confusion.

And in front of her, there is still the stalwart figure that makes her feel extremely safe.

It seems that as long as he is there, she can be fearless!

The moment she saw Lin Fan, Bai Yi’s aggrieved tears could not help but burst out, and her voice choked:


Lin Fan Looking back at Bai Yi, he said with a smile:

“Don’t worry, there is a husband! There will be nothing wrong!”

Will nothing happen?

Miao Cuiyun and Song Donglin both sneered. Does this crap despise them?

“Boy, you are her wild man? This bitch is stealing a man on your back and you are protecting her? Are you used to wearing a cuckold?”

, He didn’t pay attention to Lin Fan at all.

But Lin Fan didn’t care what she said at all, but said coldly:

“My wife, did you fight?”


Second Cuiyun was taken aback, and then laughed extremely arrogantly:

“Yes, it’s me! This bitch seduce my husband and deserves to be beaten!”
“What do you want?”


And the one who answered her was Lin Fan’s fierce slap!

With this slap, Miao Cuiyun flew out directly.

At the same time!

Lin Fan’s face suddenly changed ugly, and he said word by word:

“It’s not very good, I just want to give it back a hundred times!”

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