Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1616

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Chapter 1616

He pushed Zhuma away, a little helplessly said: “Juma, men and women are not allowed. I don’t want another time.”

Cassandra looked cold when she saw Lord Zhan Han Said: “I thought you would never come to see me in your life.”

Jacob stayed in place, somewhat at a loss.

Cassandra took the initiative to ease the atmosphere again, “Well, my mother was joking with you. Come here, my mother hasn’t seen you for a few days, and you seem to be haggard again.”

Jacob said politely: “It’s okay.”

At this moment, Media Asia Hospital.

After entering the hospital with the child in her arms, Zheng Ling followed the procedure to register the child. Then came to the office and waited. When she finally fell to her, Zheng Ling carried the child into the consulting room. When the old doctor saw Zheng Ling, huge doubts filled his eyes.

Today’s Zhengling has been devastated by an illness and has lost tens of kilograms, although her weight has slowly recovered. But how can she not go back to the past.

It seems obvious that she is a person who has recovered from a serious illness.

“Mrs. Zhan.” The old doctor yelled unsurely.

Zhengling smiled bitterly: “I am Irene, but I am no longer your wife of the president.”

Seeing Jacob rushing to see Cassandra’s anxious appearance, Zhengling has no confidence in their future for some reason. Up.

She even thought sadly that she had already written a divorce agreement to Jacob when she was in Yujiazhai. Maybe he had already signed it. At this moment, Zhengling is bothered by anxiety and depression. Her thoughts are very inactive and unhealthy.

“What’s wrong with the child?” Where did the old doctor dare to talk about the president’s family affairs, and quickly changed the subject.

Zheng Ling said: “This is my sister’s child. My sister is still in confinement, but this child’s face is getting more and more yellow. You can show what is going on?” The doctor said: “Have you ever been photographed for jaundice?”

Zheng Ling said: “Children born in a remote town do not have the technique to photograph jaundice.”

“The child needs a blood test to rule out hepatitis and the like.”

Zheng Ling said: “Okay.” “The doctor opened the door to Zhengling’s convenience. Soon, the nurse came to the consulting room to draw blood from the child.

Ten minutes later, the result came out, and the doctor said: “The jaundice is too high. I need to stay in the hospital.”

Zheng Ling went through the admission procedures for the child.

Because family members cannot personally accompany the child, Zheng Ling can only go home.

Coming out of Media Asia, Zheng Ling was absent-minded, and unconsciously came to the road opposite the Imperial Hotel, raising her eyes to look at the entrance of the Imperial Hotel, just to see Jacob pushing Cassandra out. Beside him, Juma walked side by side with him.

Mother and son were talking and laughing, Cassandra smiled and said very happy.

Zheng Ling felt a pain in her heart. Without her, they would really be a happy family.

Suddenly Jacob’s cell phone rang, and Jacob took out the phone to connect to the call, and did not know what the person on the phone said to him, Jacob’s expression suddenly became flustered.

Then, Jacob suddenly raised his eyes…

Zheng Ling hurriedly got into the taxi, and Jacob saw the thin lightning shadow, and his heart was stung.

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