Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1608

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Chapter 1608

Why are their parents here?

Before they could think about it, their parents rushed up like they were crazy, slapped them directly in the face with a slap.

“Bad son, what the hell did you do that caused us to be caught here!”

“You beast, who did you offend? You are going to kill Lao Tzu Is it?”
“I’m talking about a 500 million contract, but because of you, the broom star, it’s all gone!”

These rich second-generation parents are going crazy, grabbing themselves The children of the family are full of old punches, wishing to kill them.

They have never been so embarrassed as they are today, being taken away as prisoners.

And the person holding them is still the commander-in-chief of Jiangnan Province. They are going crazy!

What unforgivable things these rice buckets have done, actually angered Jiangnan’s people. Commander-in-chief?

Those rich second-generation generations are also dumbfounded. What’s the matter with all this?

Immediately afterwards, they seemed to have thought of something and looked at Lin Fan in horror.

Can it be said that all this is because of him?

But isn’t this guy a little boy who eats soft rice?

How could he have such a great ability?

He made a mistake, something must be wrong!

This is impossible!
And following the shocked gaze of their children, the entrepreneurs present knew who they had offended.

At the moment, one by one, their faces sank, and shouted at their children:

“Kneel me down!
The rich second-generations had their noses and faces swollen. At this time, they were so scared that they knelt down and trembling, not even daring to breathe.

They have all realized that they have caused a catastrophe.

And this time, even their powerful parents could not save them.

At the moment, those entrepreneurs are pitifully walking towards Lin Fan, crying in tears and pleading: “Sir, I have no eyes to offend you, I hope Mr. forgive me!”
“Sir, give us a chance. I must take care of him strictly and promise not to let similar things happen.”

They are extremely frightened, although they don’t know who Lin Fan is. , But being able to allow Long Jiu and others to exist before and after the horse is enough to show how terrifying Lin Fan’s identity is.

Jin Chengen on the side was already paralyzed in shock after seeing this.

Those white lips trembled uncontrollably.

No, this should not be!

Where did the problem go?

How could this waste suddenly become so awesome?

Not just him, the pharmacy owner is seeing this After the scene, he was almost paralyzed by fright.

Originally thought that these elder brothers were supporting him, so he didn’t put Lin Fan in his eyes, but in a blink of an eye, these elder brothers knelt down for Lin Fan?

This guy, who is he?

Lin Fan glanced at them faintly, and then sneered:

“I am buying medicine here, and your kids are inexplicably bidding with me, and even insulting me as a poor ghost! “

“Since you are so rich, then I want to ask you to borrow some money to spend. You should have no objection?”


When those rich second generations heard this, their faces turned pale and their bodies trembled more severely.

They finally knew what Lin Fan meant by borrowing money.

This is really blackmail!

Instead of waiting for the entrepreneurs to speak, Lin Fan said with a cold face:

“Everyone is a billion, and one less, I will not let you go! “


One billion?

Those entrepreneurs, their faces are green!

Although they are rich, they are not so proud that they don’t care about billions!

Even more, some still need to go bankrupt in order to barely collect this billion!

At the moment, they feel that their hearts are bleeding, and even more so they feel that they have been killed.

What they call a hate!

“I can’t wait to bury those little bastards in my own house alive, this caused such a thing to cause them to lose a billion for no reason!”

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