Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1609

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Chapter 1609

Aren’t you rich?

Then spend one billion to spend Lao Tzu!

These words are so arrogant and rude, but the entrepreneurs present did not even dare to let go. They all knew they were caused by their own useless waste.

If they don’t give the money today, they won’t want to leave here.

“Sangmen star, what evil did I have done in my last life that gave birth to you such a waste!”
“You make trouble for me all day long, why don’t you die outside?”

“One billion, one billion! I can only make up this billion by bankrupting my family. Now our family You are completely bankrupt, are you happy?”

Seeing his parents and his parents look like eating people, those rich second generations finally know that they are afraid.

Every intestine is regretful, and he dares not even say anything.

They did not expect that this time they would poke such a big basket!

“Jin Chengen, are you cheating on me? It was all you killed!”

“Yes, it was all Jin Chengen! He said that this gentleman is a waste, he lied to us !”

All the rich second generations immediately reacted, and then looked at Jin Chengen with great resentment.

If they hadn’t listened to this guy’s nonsense, how could they target Lin Fan?

What about the result?

The waste in Jin Chengen’s mouth has now transformed into a terrifying existence that can dominate the fate of all of them.

If it weren’t for Jin Chengen, how could they have lost a billion in vain?

Hear the words!

Those entrepreneurs also cast an angry look at Jin Chengen at the same time, apparently already deeply hating this man.

All the rich second generations pointed the finger at Jin Cheng-en, which also means that it is Jin Cheng-en’s ghost, and their children are just being used as guns.


Jin Chengen’s expression suddenly became unnatural, and he was about to cry.

Never thought that stealing chickens would not lose money, and now he would offend half of the big boss in Jiangshi all of a sudden.

In the future, if he wants to develop something in Jiangshi, it would be a foolish dream.


This one is over!

Let alone doing business in Jiangshi, these people will certainly not spare themselves because they don’t have so much money now.

“Whether I can leave Jiang City alive now has become a mystery! “

“You are responsible for collecting all the money!”

Lin Fan ordered Long Jiu, and then walked to the pharmacy owner:

There is no nonsense, there is a strong killing intent in the words!

Hearing this, the boss was going to be paralyzed by fright, and said with a frightened expression:

“I will give you the medicinal materials, I don’t need the money, and please let me go. Is it?”

He also realized that the man in front of him was not easy to provoke!

“I even dared to break ground on Tai Sui’s head. That was looking for death!”

At this time, the pharmacy owner was about to cry, and now he didn’t dare to ask for money, only to ask Lin Fan to spare his life.

Lin Fan’s mouth curled up with a sneer, and said:


The pharmacy owner was immediately pardoned, and then hurriedly grabbed the medicinal materials for fear of slowness. Lin Fan would repent at a little bit.

After a while, he passed the medicinal materials to Lin Fan, and then respectfully said:

“Sir, your medicinal materials!”
After Lin Fan took the medicinal materials, he turned his face and refused to recognize people, and ordered Long Jiu:

“Revocation of his business license and burned his shop!”


The pharmacy owner’s face turned pale as paper, and then wailed:

“Sir, you can’t do this! You just promised to let me go!”
He spent all his savings and opened this shop. It hasn’t even started to pay back. If it is burned, then he will really lose his money!


Lin Fan turned his head and said with a sneer:

“Sorry, I also remembered wrong!”

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