Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1610

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Chapter 1610

After that, Lin Fan came to Jin Chengen. At this time, Jin Chengen didn’t even have the courage to look at him.

Anxiously lowered his head, his face was full of shame!


Lin Fan said indifferently.


Upon hearing this, Jin Chengen’s expression changed and he looked at Lin Fan in amazement.

At this time, Lin Fan’s eyes appeared to feel murderous:

“If I solve the problem at hand and find that you are still in Huaxia, I will kill. It’s yours.”

The tone is strange and calm!

It’s like talking about squeezing an ant to death.

When Lin Fan left, Jin Chengen had no idea.

Because of him now, his back has been completely wetted with cold sweat, and there is a lingering fear in his heart.

Lin Fan’s threat just now caused him to lose consciousness in an instant!

At that moment just now, he really realised what it means to be murderous!

When facing Lin Fan, he didn’t even have the courage to resist!

He is serious!

If he didn’t leave Jiangshi or China, he would really kill himself.

Next moment!

Jin Chengen gritted his teeth, and amidst fear in his heart, there was also a deep hatred.

How could he lose to Lin Fan?

How could he lose to Lin Fan?

Bai Yi belongs to him!

She is destined to be his!

Even if she is a slave, she has to stay with him forever. If Lin Fan wants to make trouble, she should die!

Then, she was looking at Lin Fan’s away back, a vicious smile appeared at the corner of her mouth:

“Wait for Lin Fan, it won’t be long before your wife will become me It’s a plaything under the crotch!”


When Lin Fan returned to the hospital with the refined pill, it was already second. Its early morning.

“Xiao Fan, how is it?”
The Baishan couple greeted them nervously.

Lin Fan nodded, and said:

“I have asked for an elixir from the great doctor Lin, which can save Bai Yi!”


Upon hearing this, the couple suddenly became ecstatic. The magician Lin gave medicine?

Then Bai Yi will be saved!

The genius doctor Lin is now a prominent genius doctor in China, as long as he takes action, he will surely cure the disease.

Then, Lin Fan went straight to the emergency room.

“Husband, do you have a solution?”

Seeing Lin Fan’s return, Bai Yi asked nervously.

It’s just that with this opening, tears of grievance gushed out uncontrollably, and she was so afraid that Lin Fan would give her a negative answer.

In that case, she is afraid that she will go crazy.

Fortunately, Lin Fan did not let her down, but handed over the pill in distress:

“Let’s eat, after eating this, you and your child will be safe!”


Upon hearing this, Ye Yuqing and others changed their expressions and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

After taking this stuff, can the medicine be cured?

What do you think of the elixir?

“What is this medicine?”

Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in confusion.

Lin Fan explained with a smile:
“It was given by the genius doctor Lin. I told you about your current situation, and he immediately refined this pill.”

Genius doctor Lin?

Ye Yuqing and other doctors at the municipal hospitals suddenly looked embarrassed, and only felt that they had been beaten.

If this pill came from the hands of the genius doctor Lin, it might have a miraculous effect.

After all, the genius doctor Lin is also a strange man!

Bai Yi took the pill with satisfaction. After about a few minutes, her face was flushed and her breathing became steady and strong.

“My husband, I feel more comfortable!”

Bai Yi said in surprise, not to mention that it was the effect of the medicine.

“That’s good!”

Lin Fan gave a wry smile, then thumped, and fell to the ground.

A painful color appeared on his face!

“I ran several places tonight, and I was thinking of Bai Yi and the child all the time, which directly caused him to become anxious, and he suffered from severe angina.”

But she has been holding back, but now Bai Yi is finally okay, her tense nerves relax, and the exhaustion is coming like a tide.

“Husband, I’m sorry, it’s me… I’m so useless!”

Bai Yi was very distressed when she saw Lin Fan look like this.

The more and more self-blame in his heart, it was almost that his health was too bad, and the threatened miscarriage unexpectedly made Lin Fan so worried.

But Lin Fan shook his head and smiled bitterly:
“This has nothing to do with you. Your body has always been very good. Someone wants to harm you!”


Upon hearing this, the Baiyi family’s expression changed drastically!

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