Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1611

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Chapter 1611

“Xiao Fan, what the hell is going on, please be careful!”

Baishan’s face It became unsightly in a moment.

If it is Bai Yi’s own health, there is nothing to say, but if someone deliberately wants to harm Bai Yi, then they absolutely can’t count it like that!

This is almost a dead end!

He must know who is so vicious and dares to treat his daughter like this!

“Dad, I suspect that Bai Yi was poisoned!”

Lin Fan felt Bai Shan’s anger, and he must also find out why now.


Bai Shan and Shen Yumei looked at each other, and felt very dreamy for a while.

What age is this, still poisoning?

Lin Fan also knew that they didn’t believe it, so he patiently explained:

“Dad, mom, do you remember that in the restaurant before, a waiter gave us one what we didn’t order?”

How wise, Lin Fan discovered the clues only from some clues.

“It’s him!”

Baishan’s face suddenly became gloomy, and said angrily:
“I said, Bai Yi was fine when he went out, but not long after the meal, the people stopped working. It turned out to be the ghost of him!”

“Go, we will now Go to him, I want to ask him why he is killing my daughter!”

Shen Yumei was so angry that her tears fell and she was about to leave.


Lin Fan grabbed her and comforted:

“Mom, I will solve the matter. You and Dad stay here to take care of Bai Yi!”
After speaking, he was ready to leave with a gloomy face asked them why they hurt Bai Yi?

No, for Lin Fan, the answer is no longer important!

The important thing is that they should all pay a heavy price for this!

Damn them!

And now!

Then Ye Yuqing took a step forward and said to Lin Fan:

“Mr. Lin, if Miss Bai Yi is really poisoned, I think it would be better to call the police immediately! “

Call the police?

Lin Fan laughed, and looked at her playfully:

“What do you think the police will do with them after calling the police?”


Ye Yuqing thought this question was stupid, and answered:

“Of course they will be arrested, and then based on their crimes, they will be tried by the law!”
Then, Lin Fan’s smile became even stronger:

“But, I don’t want them to be judged by the law! I just want them to be judged by me!”


Upon hearing this, Ye Yuqing’s body trembled suddenly, and a deep horror appeared on her face.

She understood instantly, what this man wants to do!

It turned out that it was not Lin Fan who was stupid, but the idiot who dared to poison his wife!

Dare to provoke such a monster, it’s just looking for death!

“Doctor Ye, you are a good person, take care of my wife, I will not treat you badly!”

“But now, I have to solve some things, some people! After finishing

, Lin Fan’s figure quickly disappeared into the corridor.


And at this time, Ye Yuqing fell to the ground feebly, with fine beads of sweat all over her forehead!


is terrible!

She has never seen such a terrible man!

was standing with him just now, she only felt cold all over, like an ice cellar, that guy had a very disturbing aura.

Like a demon!

Soon, she smiled bitterly, and began to sympathize with the poisoned person in her heart.

Don’t even think about it, I’m afraid they will not end well.

“I don’t know why!”

At this time, Ye Yuqing was a little envious of Bai Yi.

Before, she thought that Lin Fan was a scumbag, but then she realized that she had missed her eyes. The man in front of her was not as capable as she could imagine.

She is twenty-five this year, and she is still single because of her vision.

But at this moment, her heart that was like a pool of stagnant water was rippled because of a man who met for the first time.

Then, she looked jealously and enviously at Bai Yi who was pushed out of the emergency room, and smiled bitterly:

“Wang’s woman, isn’t it?”

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