Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1612

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Chapter 1612

The employee who was poisoned last night is named Li Junhan. He is in his early twenties. He has just been out to work for a short time. Work.

He did not expect to encounter such an errand, the person who poisoned him promised to give him one million after it was done.

Where did he see so much money?

In his opinion, his honest parents are afraid that they will not make so much money even if they cultivate the land for a lifetime.

As for him, he just did a small thing and he bought a million bags directly!

Now he intends to go back to his hometown to build a house, and then marry a woman of the water spirit in the beautiful scenery, and never come out again.

“Li Junhan, it’s time to go to work, where are you going?”

The workers in the dormitory looked at the big and small bags he packed, and asked suddenly in confusion.

Li Junhan looked at people directly with his nose, and said with an arrogant expression:

“Last fart class, you thought I was as boring as you? I’m rich now, so I don’t want to do it!”

He has a million in his pocket now, and feels like he walks with wind. Up.

“Hey, why are you talking like that? It’s too much, right?”

“I’m just talking like that, what’s the matter?”

Lee Junhan is indeed floating Now, without even looking at them, he just opened the door.


Just when he opened the door, he saw a face he didn’t want to see the most.

Lin Fan!

A smirk appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, staring straight at him:

“Where are you going?”

Li Junhan was nervous right now Get up, take two steps uncomfortably:

“It’s your shit? Who are you?”

At this time, the other workers in the dormitory are also looking at Lin Fan suspiciously.

And Lin Fan walked in directly, closed the door, and sneered:

“The person who poisoned my wife last night, is it you?”


Everyone in the dormitory was directly stunned, looking at Li Junhan with an extremely horrified look.

Is this special, real or fake?

“What poisoned? What are you talking about, why can’t I understand?”

How could Li Junhan admit that that was going to jail.

He didn’t expect that the other party would notice it so quickly that he didn’t even have a chance to escape.

“Do you think it’s okay not to admit it? Then you can explain to me, where did the one million sudden increase in your account come from?”

Lin Fan He asked with a gloomy smile, he had already investigated everything clearly, otherwise he would not come to Li Junhan directly.


This sentence directly caused Li Junhan to blow up!

Does the other party know the specific amount?

Then needless to say, he must already know everything!

At the moment, Li Junhan showed a fierce look, took out a switchblade directly from his backpack, and threatened viciously:

“Go away! Don’t force me to do it!”
He has a million in his pocket. With this money, he will directly become the richest man in the village. How can he get caught in this situation?

He hasn’t enjoyed it yet, he definitely can’t go to jail!

And all the workers finally understood why Li Junhan became so abnormal. It turned out that he was hired to poison people and wanted to run after he took the money!

“Did the dog jump the wall in a hurry?”

Lin Fan sneered, but a scorn appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Today, if you don’t explain clearly, don’t think about it. Leave!”


These words completely angered Li Junhan. At the moment, his eyes were flushed, and he rushed towards Lin Fan with a roar, and the switchblade in his hand pierced Lin Fan’s chest fiercely.


Lin Fan grabbed his wrist with a backhand, and then broke his wrist with a strong twist.

However, there is more to it!

Lin Fan wiped a sharp look between his eyebrows, grabbed his hair, and slammed into the wall!


The blood flowed down from Li Junhan’s forehead instantly!

Seeing this, everyone present was about to urinate in fright, their legs trembled uncontrollably, and looked at Lin Fan in extreme horror.

Lin Fan grabbed Li Junhan’s hair with one hand, a devilish smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Today, let’s play slowly…”

“Until you die!”

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