Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1613

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Chapter 1613




In the entire dormitory, only the sound of head hits constantly resounded.

And now Li Junhan has completely become a blood man, his whole head is bright red.

In this moment of effort, his head suffered no fewer than 20 blows!

The entire forehead is completely rotten.

“Well, if this continues, he will die!”

Someone said weakly, he could see that Li Junhan was already unconscious.

It won’t be long before, I’m afraid it will be completely dead.

Lin Fan turned his head and gave them a grim smile:

“What I want, he is dead!”


Upon hearing this, all the workers present were immediately paralyzed in fright, with a deep panic on their faces.


The man in front of me is a lunatic!

He is clearly going to kill people!

“Stop hitting me, it’s… my boss asked me to do it, it’s none of my business.”

At this time, Li Junhan said weakly, he I’m really scared.

He knew that this man really planned to kill him.


Lin Fan stopped his hand and said with a smile:

“Thank you for your notification.”

Hear the words!

Li Junhan breathed a sigh of relief, subconsciously thinking that Lin Fan was going to let him go.

It’s just that this idea has just started, but he felt that his body was light, and Lin Fan suddenly picked it up.


His huge body was directly thrown out of the window by Lin Fan, and then with a bang, he broke a piece of glass and fell rapidly from the six-story window.

There was another loud noise, and Li Junhan’s body collided violently with the asphalt road on the ground. Naturally, the asphalt road was even better.

So he instantly turned into a bloody meat sauce, and the blood wet the whole ground.

This scene, terrifying and bloody, caused a shrill and frightening scream to resound all over the world.

“You, you, you…”

And Li Junhan’s fellow workers were completely shocked at this time, staring at Lin Fan in extreme horror.


This guy actually really killed someone!

And it’s still blatantly killing people in full view!

Ordinary people like them, have they ever seen a devil like Lin Fan coming out of the dark world?

One by one was scared to pee on the spot!

But Lin Fan, but still looks like a okay person, smiled and asked them:

“Please tell me, where is your boss’s office?”
Everyone can’t tell, they can only point tremblingly in one direction. At this time, they also hope that the devil in front of me can stay away from them.

“Thank you!”

Lin Fan had a playful smile, and then left the dormitory.

At this time, these employees rushed to the balcony in horror and looked down.

But they were dumbfounded, because there was nothing downstairs, and even the blood stains were washed away.

In the next instant, they felt their legs weakened again.

Blatantly murdered, and someone helped clean up the corpse after the incident. What kind of terrifying background does this man have?

“Resign! No, I will resign immediately!”
“What’s your resignation? Let’s run!”

They could see that their boss got the wrong person, and they don’t want to be the next Lee Junhan.

At this time, Lin Fan also came to the office and met Zhou Guodong, the owner of the restaurant.

Seeing Lin Fan, he raised his head with some doubts:

“Who are you? Who are you looking for?”

Lin Fan sat slowly. He said with a smile:

“A husband who is almost crazy! A father who is almost heartbroken!”

“Come here and kill you!!!”

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