Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1630

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Chapter 1630

Fengxian shouted, “Ah.”

“It hasn’t started yet, why are you shouting so loudly?”

“Get off, not serious.”

That night, Jacob hugged Zheng Ling all night. Perhaps it is with Zheng Ling in his arms that he can analyze many problems very rationally and explore the way out of the predicament.

Finally, Jacob made up his mind. No matter how much Zheng Ling awoke repelled her, he would stay by her side stubbornly.

In his words, “Baby, I don’t have the courage to lose you. So, I decided to stay with you. Don’t push me away, I won’t be angry with you anymore. Everything will follow you. Okay?”

“I take you out of this place and isolate you from all your worries. In this way, will you be happier?”

The weight of Zheng Ling is like a flying swallow, so light, as if you will be taken from the war if you are not careful. Han Jue flew away in his arms.

Jacob felt Zheng Ling’s weight loss sharply, and Zheng Ling’s increasingly confused consciousness felt like a knife. Even less dare to give birth to the thought of leaving her half a step away.

Early the next morning.

Because Zheng Ling slept too deeply, Jacob didn’t dare to move at all, for fear of awakening her. He saw her sunken eyes and obvious dark circles, and he knew that she had been lacking more sleep recently.

If he can let her take more breaks, take more breaks.

Who ever thought, suddenly there was a quarrel outside the door of the ward.

First, Yan Zheng’s thunderous voice, Bandits, bandits, your surname Yu really lives up to the name of a bandit. I tell you that Chenchen is the child of my eldest sister. His surname is Yan, and he has a relationship with your Yu family. No. You want to take him away. There are no doors or windows.”

Jacob’s face was gloomy, and he doesn’t have to think about it. The Yan family and Yu’s family are all here for Chenchen. He didn’t even think about it, but they ran into each other, and it seemed that a battle for the sons was about to begin.

Jacob didn’t want to care about their affairs. But their quarrel here will affect his Zheng Ling’s rest. This makes him feel very unhappy.

Zheng Ling seemed to wake up a little, and opened her eyes sleepily.

Jacob gently kissed her forehead, “Wake up?”

Zheng Ling rolled over in his arms, and then closed her eyes and fell asleep.
Old Mrs. Yan and Old Mrs. Yu’s old friends reunited, but it was the tip of the needle to Maimang.

Old Mrs. Yan stuck her cane and glared at Old Mrs. Yu, sarcastically saying: “Chairman Yu, you have not seen you for a long time, you are really getting more and more majestic. Why, Yu Jiazhai is not enough for you to be majestic. You have to run to the imperial capital to run rampantly. “The old man Zhan is afraid of the old man Yu, and the old man Yan is not afraid.

He didn’t have any handles in the hands of Grandpa Yu, nor did he do anything ashamed of Grandpa Yu. So the gentleman was frank, he just collected debts from the Yu family.

“Seriously, can you make some sense? The child is the flesh and blood of our Yu family…”

“Fart. I did not tell you to rape my granddaughter. Yes, I’m telling you, the child is Zhengyu’s, should you give the child to you, Zhengyu is the master. If she disagrees, none of you will want to take the child away.”

Old Mrs. Yu’s anger rose, “Serious,” Without the seeds of our Yu family, where did Zhengyu’s children come from?”

“Parthenogenesis, can’t it?”

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