Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1621

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Chapter 1621

Lin Zhanli He screamed miserably, and begged Lin Fan for mercy with extreme humiliation.

At this time, Lin Fan also gradually calmed down. He couldn’t kill Lin Zhanli. That would be too cheap for him.

He wants to look at Lin Zhanli, life is better than death!

At the moment, he grinned and asked Lin Zhanli:

“Tell me, where is Jin Chengen?”

“You save me first!”

Lin Zhanji bargained angrily.

But Lin Fan didn’t seem to hear it, so he didn’t say anything.

“Hengfeng Hotel!”

Lin Zhanli finally roared in grief, he knew that if he didn’t export, the Baishan couple might really kill him.

Lin Fan stopped the Baishan couple, and at the same time stared directly at Lin Zhanli:

“Today’s revenge, I will not forget, and I hope you will not forget, because one day, I will pay you back all the profits!”

At that time, he would let Lin Zhanyu taste despair and regret. !

But Lin Zhanli wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth contemptuously, and didn’t even pay attention to Lin Fan’s threat.

“You rejected the Lin family, no one can reject the Lin family, Lin Fan, you are done!”

Lin Zhanji laughed, looking at Lin Fan as if he was watching A dead person:

“Now, you want to kill Jin Chengen, right? I tell you, don’t be foolish, I have already deployed manpower near the Hengfeng Hotel, and you are only seeking your own death! “

Lin Fan smiled and said lightly:

“Really? Then we’ll wait and see!”

Said, he just turned around Leaving, planning to find Jin Chengen!

And this time!

Jin Chengen is in Hengfeng Hotel, enjoying the warm service of two foreign girls in his room!

“Bai Yi, Bai Yi! You bitch! I’m playing you to death!”

He was moving, breathing quickly and cursing.

“My heart is full of hatred for Bai Yi!”

He has imagined the woman under her as Bai Yi.

Lin Fan warned him that he had better leave China as soon as possible, but he didn’t take it seriously at all. He now has Lin Zhanyu from the Lin family to support him, so he still needs to be afraid of a little Lin Fan?

Bai Yi hasn’t got it yet, why is he willing to leave Huaxia now?



At this moment, his door was kicked open, and Lin Fan held a bloody head strode in.


Seeing this, the two foreign girls in it all screamed as if they had seen a ghost!


Actually killed someone!

When Jin Chengen saw Lin Fan, his expression was completely frozen, and his legs trembled wildly!

“Lin…Lin Fan?”

This guy, how does he know he is here?

“Young Master Jin is so elegant?”

Lin Fan sneered, and threw the head in his hand under Jin Chengen’s feet.


Jin Chengen also let out a miserable scream, kicked the man’s head away in a hurry, and he was already paralyzed to the ground in fright.

A puff of yellow soup, instantly flowed out of his crotch.

But Lin Fan seemed like a okay person, and walked over slowly:

“Jin Chengen, did I warn you, why didn’t you listen to me? You are just like that. Sure, I dare not kill you?”



Various emotions gathered in Jin Chengen’s heart.

His intestines are regretful at this time, because he knows that Lin Fan is here because he definitely wants to chat with him.

This guy is here to kill him!

“Lin Fan, what do you want to do?”

Jin Chengen asked tremblingly, really about to pee at this moment, regretting why he was so conceited.

If he left China now, wouldn’t it be all right?

Hear the words!

Lin Fan smiled and said:

“You poisoned my wife and prevented me from buying medicine to save my child. Your heart is so vicious, what do you think I want to do?”

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