Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1622

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Chapter 1622


Jin Chengen’s eyes suddenly shrank, and his expression became extremely shocked.

Does this guy know?

This… how is this possible!

Is it possible that Zhou Guodong betrayed himself?

Damn it!

That traitor!

Jin Chengen suddenly gritted his teeth and vowed that after today, he will kill Zhou Guodong’s wife and children and make Zhou Guodong pay the price!

It’s just that, he doesn’t know, he can’t get past today!

Soon, Jin Chengen regained his composure, and then looked at Lin Fan provocatively:

“I did it, but so what? Then order me to do this. The person involved is Lin Zhanli of the Lin family! If you dare to touch one of my hairs, be careful that your whole family is dead!”

“You think you can kill me by killing a few people? What a dream!”

He didn’t believe that Lin Fan could still contend against the entire Lin Family by himself?

See it!

Lin Jianyi sighed, and then said quietly:

“Jin Chengen, do you know who I am?”

Today, he plans to showdown completely. Let Jin Chengen know how huge the gap between them is.

But Jin Chengen still looks extremely disdainful.

“Isn’t he just a bad doctor? What’s so great?”

Even if Lin Fan is really the genius doctor of Lin, there is no way to compare it with the bigger Lin family.

With Lin Zhanao supporting him, how could he be afraid of Lin Fan?

Lin genius doctor?

What about the genius doctor Lin?

Jin Chengen yelled with extreme disdain:

“Unless you are a forest seat, I will not look at you directly.”

Lin Fan laughed when he heard this!

“So, you are not afraid of Lin’s genius doctor, but Lin Zuo?”

Jin Chengen rolled his eyes and said disdainfully:

“Don’t be too nonsense, the Lin family’s Shaolin Zhanao will be here soon. By that time, you will not cry without tears!”

The Lin Family is a well-known and famous family in China, and it has a decisive role in China. Status, Lin Fan is just a doctor, even if he has some reputation, he can’t compare with this behemoth.

In his opinion, Lin Fan is about to be scared!
Hear the words!

Lin Fan’s expression suddenly became cold, and he yelled:

“Plap mouth!”

As soon as the voice fell, Jin Chengun’s body was suddenly tight, feeling a fierce. Murder locked him down.

Before he could react, there were several more people in front of him, all dressed in military uniforms.

“Dragon Tooth?”

Jin Chengen’s pupils shrank severely, and from the other party’s clothing, they could see their identity and origin.

“What do you want to do? I tell you, I am working for the Lin family. If you kill me, the Lin family will not let you go!”

Seeing these dragon teeth the members of Jin Chengen panicked completely, and began to feel a little uneasy in his heart.

He couldn’t understand how Lin Fan got involved with Longya’s people.

A doctor can order a troop?

What’s the joke?




His threat did not play any role, Kou Jianghuai came up directly and gave Jin Chengen two big mouths.

He didn’t show any mercy at all, so Jin Chengen’s mouth was rotted, a few of his teeth were lost, and he bleeds out.

Jin Chengen’s tears are coming down, it hurts! That really hurts!

“I hit you, where are your patrons?”

Lin Fan asked with a sneer.
“You…you are dead! Lin Zhanao will not let you go!”

Jin Chengen roared hysterically, just these two slaps, directly slapped his face like a pig’s head of.

“I will call Lin Zhanao, Lin Fan, and your dragon teeth, all waiting to be done!”

Said, he took out his mobile phone in despair. Call Lin Zhanao for help.

“Instructor, everything is done. Except for the ones hidden secretly, everything else is solved.”

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