Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1623

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Chapter 1623

Solanum reports to Lin Fanhui.

The dragon teeth have all been figured out. This time, in order to target Lin Fan, the other party hired three great masters and countless grand masters!

But for some reason, I haven’t done anything until now.

After Jin Chengen called Lin Zhanao, he also called his father-in-law for help:

“Dad, save me! Save me!”
At this time, Guo Tianlin was opening the board of directors, but he suddenly received a call from his son-in-law, and he said without hesitation:

“What’s wrong with you, this trash?”

“Dad, you asked me to come and cooperate with the psychiatrist Lin, but not only did he look down on us, he humiliated us in every way. I was so angry that he would kill me now!”

Jin Chengen reversed right and wrong, because he knew that only in this way would Guo Donglin come forward to rescue him.


Guo Tianlin on the other end suddenly became angry, and got up on the chair with a squeeze, with a deep hatred on his face:

“I, Guo Tianlin, put down and went to find him to cooperate. He even dared not give me face. , Really treat yourself as a green onion? I think he is looking for death!”

He said this!

All shareholders on the board of directors stood up, with angry expressions on their faces.

Their youths have been overseas for many years. In several countries, even foreigners have to look at their faces and act, but now they have a little Chinese doctor brushing their faces?

Can’t stand it!

Qingmen, a well-known criminal organization overseas, has a history of more than two hundred years.

And Guo Tianlin is now the head of the Qingmen!

These shareholders under him are all brothers and uncles who have worked hard with him over the years, and each of them is the leader of a country.

“Sect master, dare not give us the face of Qingmen, then this genius doctor Lin will stop living and kill him!”

“Does our Qingmen have any problems in China? Less power, send some masters to clean him up, otherwise our Qingmen will not be able to step down today.”

““Kill the Lin genius doctor’s family, none of them can be spared! Let them know and offend our youth.” What will happen to the door?”

All shareholders roared angrily!

Hear the words!

Guo Tianlin said sternly:

“Gather all the blue gates in the country and get to Jin Chengen as soon as possible. I want to see if the genius doctor Lin has A few kilos!”


Each piece of news from the Qingmen was spread to all the sub-rudders throughout the Qingmen. All the masters of the Qingmen rushed to Jiangshi at the fastest speed!

And there is only one purpose, and that is to kill the genius doctor Lin!


Guo Tianlin’s order has just been given, and he was hit by a phone call!


Guo Tianlin is in a bad mood now, so naturally he didn’t give a good face at this time.

“Guo Tianlin, right? Introduce yourself, I am Xu Longxiang!”

Hear this!

The whole audience fell directly into a dead silence.

All the big guys in the green door are dumbfounded!

Dragon Tooth leader Xu Longxiang?

Why would he call them?

Even Guo Tianlin realized that something was wrong. Why would such a big man call him suddenly?

Is it because of that genius doctor Lin?

“Is there anything?”

Guo Tianlin said neither overbearing nor overbearing. Even if Xu Longxiang called for the genius doctor Lin, he couldn’t be softened at this time.

After all, this matter now has to do with the face of Guo Tianlin and even the entire Qingmen. The other party is planning to kill his son-in-law, which is tantamount to hitting him in the face!

If this is not an act, then how will Guo Tianlin still mess around on the road in the future?

“Let’s stop! The genius doctor Lin, it’s not you who can move!”

Xu Longxiang sneered twice and reminded Guo Tianlin.

It is really for the genius doctor Lin!

In an instant, Guo Tianlin’s complexion became extremely ugly. In the next instant, his face became cold, and he said very shamelessly:

“If you stop, stop. Isn’t Guo Tianlin very faceless? If you want me to stop, let the doctor Lin let my son-in-law go first!”


The Xu Long elephant on the other end smiled, and smiled contemptuously.

If Guo Tianlin is bargaining with him, he may still consider it, but the problem is that Guo Tianlin wants to bargain with Lin Fan.

It’s a pretty blue door, do you match it?

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