Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1624

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Chapter 1624

At the moment, Xu Longxiang smiled and said:

“Guo Tianlin, I will warn you one last time, don’t drip This muddy water, your son-in-law must die in the hands of the genius doctor Lin.”

“If you dare to take care of your business, then you Qingmen, prepare to face the disaster of extinction!”
” Fu*k!

Guo Tianlin immediately exploded and yelled arrogantly:

“The old immortal, you think I can’t touch that kid if you cover him, I’ll give it to you Face only allows you to let go. If you don’t give you face, I will kill the genius doctor Lin first, and then talk to you slowly!”

“Do you think that Guo Tianlin was scared? How dare I still threaten him?”

“Let’s see if it’s your dragon teeth or the bones of my youth!” With the current power of the youth team, as long as the four major armies of China do not take action, he is really not afraid!

Xu Longxiang stopped talking nonsense, and said playfully:

“Then I wish you good luck!”
With that, he stopped talking nonsense and hung up the phone directly.

What! When hung up the phone, Guo Tianlin and the others didn’t look good. They seemed very surprised that Xu Longxiang would take the initiative to stand up for a person.

“Who is that genius doctor Lin who can actually support Xu Longxiang for him?”

“Things have become a little more complicated!”

These the big guys are not idiots, otherwise they would not be able to sit in their current position. After Xu Longxiang specifically called Guo Tianlin, they realized what was wrong.

“That kid, I’m afraid it has some background!”

“Whoever he is, if you offend my blue door, you have to give us an explanation, otherwise how will we stand on the road in the future?”

“Don’t forget, it’s useless for Jin Chengen. That’s also one of the incense owners of our Qingmen. If even he can’t keep it, who will respect our Qingmen in the future?”

“In the future, overseas Chinatowns, including those who are arrogant Foreigner, who else would be afraid of us?” Guo Tianlin coldly snorted, now he has decided to go his own way. No matter what the status of the genius doctor Lin, he must die today!


This is more than that!

Not long after, another phone call came in, and Guo Tianlin’s tone was already a bit grumpy:

Then, a deep voice came from the other end:

“Long Jiu!”


The entire conference room fell into a dead silence for an instant.

Everyone’s faces were filled with a deep horror. They were obviously shocked by the name.

Another one?

First Xu Longxiang, now the commander-in-chief of Jiangnan?

Did they stoke a hornet’s nest?

Needless to say, they also know that the purpose of this call is for the genius doctor Lin!

Even Guo Tianlin couldn’t help panicking at this time.

This sudden upheaval also caught him off guard.

And at this time, before he started to speak, Long Jiu’s murderous voice came from the other end:

“You people in Qingmen, just step into my Jiangnan One step, I see one kill one, and I will never tolerate it!”

“Guo Tianlin, if you want to die, then I will accompany you to the end!”


There is no extra nonsense, so he just hung up the phone.


The entire conference room is silent!

Everyone’s expressions are full of horror and anxiety!

First Xu Longxiang, then Long Jiu, what kind of scary background does that doctor Lin have?

A Xu Longxiang can’t be put in their eyes, but if you add a Longjiu, then they have to weigh it carefully.

“The sect master, I’m afraid this person can’t move!”

An old man said with a pale face.

Judging from the extremely tough attitudes of Xu Longxiang and Long Jiu, the genius doctor Lin is definitely not an idle person. If he insists on moving him, he is afraid that something big will happen.

“No! What about Xu Longxiang, what about Longjiu, when did my Qingmen ever be afraid? They won’t let me get through, then just squat!”

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