Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1625

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Chapter 1625

Guo Tianlin’s anger was overwhelmed, and his heart aroused a crazy killing intent towards Lin Fan!

He doesn’t know the origin of that kid, but since Guo Tianlin became the master of the Qingmen, he has never been threatened like this.

Whether Xu Longxiang or Longjiu, even if he killed the genius doctor Lin, would they still be able to chase overseas to kill him?

Tell the truth!

After being out of China and discussing power abroad, these two people may not have played with themselves!



The bell that seemed like a life-threatening ring once again rang in this conference room.

Everyone swallowed nervously at this time, and their hearts were extremely uneasy. Which boss is calling this again?

Why is it not over yet?

Even Guo Tianlin panicked, holding the mobile phone in his hand, and dared not to connect.

“I’m afraid that once it is connected, I will set up a great enemy for no reason!”

But after a while, he finally gritted his teeth and pressed the speakerphone!

This time, the other party was even more straightforward:

“Guo Tianlin, do you want to die?”

Do you want to die?

The words that were cold to the bones resounded through the audience at this moment made everyone present, all scalp tingling!

The opponent must have a huge background, so he dared to threaten Guo Tianlin so arrogantly.

At the moment, Guo Tianlin’s face was completely gloomy, and he asked angrily:

“Who are you so special? Dare to talk to me like this?” Over there, there is silence!

Everyone feels that at this moment, the atmosphere freezes!

He raised his ears very nervously, waiting for the answer from the other party!


The voice that came from that phone made the entire Qingmen completely mad!

“Northern Army, Nihuang!”


In a word, Guo Tianlin was scared to the ground!

The cruelty and viciousness on Guo Tianlin’s face disappeared at this time, and some were just endless horror and panic!

Northern Army, Nihuang!

One of China’s four major military seats!

Who doesn’t know this title?

“This… how is it possible that even the military seat stood up to support the genius doctor Lin?”

“No, this is not right! The genius doctor Lin is definitely more than just It’s just a doctor!”

The other big men in the Qingmen were almost scared to pee at this moment.

There is a deep panic in his eyes!

The first two, they cannot take it seriously!

But how dare they ignore the Nihuang Army Seat?

That’s a terrible woman well-known all over the world!

The soldiers she led are notoriously fierce and not afraid of death. They have guarded the country for many years and no one dares to provoke them. Are they a shit?

Dare to contend with such a hero in female middle school?

Just a phone call, the pressure made them breathless, and even their souls trembled.

They simply don’t have the courage to challenge each other!

“When your Qingmen entered China, it was the day when my Northern Army wiped out your Qingmen power. If your Qingmen wants to destroy the door, I will perfect you!”

The Nihuang attitude on the other end is also exceptionally tough, revealing a strong murderous intent!

And Guo Tianlin and others also know that Nihuang has always done what it says!

Moreover, if she really wants to wipe out the power of their blue family, it is just a flick of a finger, it is not a difficult task!

A deep wry smile suddenly appeared on Guo Tianlin’s face:

“Can you tell me, who is the genius doctor Lin?”

If the Nihuang Army Seat can come forward, that genius Doctor Lin will definitely not be an ordinary person.

This time, they believed too much!

Cooperate with Lin Shenyi?

“I’m afraid that people will look down on them at all, right? “

And the Nihuang on the other end sneered:

“As you are, you are not qualified to know who he is!”


Just hung up!

And at this time, Guo Tianlin was trembling with his legs, not qualified to know who he is?

In other words, does that man have a terrifying background?

“If you let him know and send someone to kill him, then I’m afraid…”

He has not dared to think about it anymore!

“Quickly! Let everyone in the green door come back! Come back!!!”

Guo Tianlin roared hysterically, at this time he was going crazy.

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