Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1631

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Chapter 1631

“You’re pretty unreasonable.” Grandpa Yu angered.

“Why do I want to reason with you? Your design took away the innocence of my Zhengyu, and caused my Lingbao to get depression. I didn’t try my best with you just to look at Hanjue’s face.” Old lady Yan was furious.

Cassandra said coldly: “You are ashamed to blame us? Don’t think I don’t know, Irene’s illness is a genetic disease brought out in the mother’s womb. We Hanjue does not dislike Irene, it is Irene’s blessing. You actually beat him up, saying that we harmed her. Are you sick?”

Yan Zheng, the pet girl, crazy demon, suddenly went crazy, “Fu*k your mother’s shit. My dad doesn’t have this disease, my mom doesn’t have this disease, and I don’t have this disease. The reason why my sister got this disease? Its not that you caused her to separate her husband and wife, and her mother and child. You made her feel bad for life? How else would she get this strange disease?

Cassandra looked at Yan Zheng speechlessly, one the big man is as embarrassed as a shrew scolding the street. Your Yan family’s tutor is really good.” Yan Zheng was so angry that his lungs burst, and said: “You scold me a shrew? You scold me for not being educated? You are educated… you Scolding my sister is trash, scolding her for hooking up with your son, your Yu family’s upbringing will go to heaven.” The old lady Yan did not expect Cassandra to be such an unreasonable mother-in-law. Originally, when Yan Zheng and Fengxian filed a lawsuit against him, he still worried that they might exaggerate the facts in order to protect Zheng Ling. Only now did they know that their accusations against Cassandra did not wrong Cassandra at all.

Old Mrs. Yan is also a short-term person, and she immediately treated him in her own way: “Oh, this is Zheng Ling’s mother-in-law. How can I sit in a wheelchair? It’s no different from waste. Ouch. , What’s the matter with this face? It looks so scary, so don’t come out to scare people.”

Cassandra was so angry that she couldn’t breathe well, “You…”

Old Madam Yan said, “Why, you can’t stand it anymore when I scold you. Didn’t you stand up when you scolded my Jiazheng Ling? I thought you were such an arrogant mother-in-law. It turned out to be just a wheelchair what a waste. Why are you embarrassed to call my Jiazheng Ling a waste? Did you scold her for not taking a mirror to look at her ugly before?”

Cassandra was struck with anger.


Grandpa Yu scolded Grandpa Yan angrily, “Serious, you are too much.”

Grandpa Yan’s voice overshadowed Grandpa Yu, “Why, do you feel bad about your daughter? Your daughter scolded my family. At that time, why can’t you compare your heart to your heart? You only know that your daughter is your treasure. Don’t you know that our family’s Zhengling is the jewel in the palm of our Yan family?” The two families get more and more noisy.

From fighting for children, to embracing injustices for Zheng Ling, they all refused to give in.

In the ward, Irene curled up in Jacob’s arms, and was finally awakened by the noise outside. She put her fingers in her ears, and Jacob was worried that he would use too much force, poking her ears, and gently took her hand off.

“Baby, I’ll take you out of here.” Jacob put the hat on her sweater on her, then picked up his windbreaker, put it on Zhengling, and walked outside holding her.

Zheng Ling’s head leaned softly against his neck. The double hat covered her slapped face tightly.

Jacob opened the door of the ward, and the dispute outside came to an abrupt end. Everyone looked up at Lord Zhan Han…

Je Zhan Han was enveloped in hard-to-melt ice, instantly freezing the surrounding air, so cold that people’s bones were frozen.

“Han Jue.” Cassandra looked at him aggrievedly and cried out: “You quickly return Irene to their Yan family. They are expensive little princesses, and our Yu family can’t afford it.”

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