Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1630

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Chapter 1630


Lin Zhanao was so insulted by Jin Chengen, Lin Zhanao’s face was also ugly.

“But I couldn’t find any reason to refute it. After all, I did promise the other party, but ended up pitting the other party.”

This is indeed a bit shameless!


Before Jin Chengen continued to insult, Lin Fan had already walked over and kicked Jin Chengen to the ground with one foot, while his footsteps kept pressing down!


Jin Chengen’s head was gradually deformed under Lin Fan’s feet, squeezing it bit by bit!

The blood gushed out from his mouth.

But his eyes are still staring at Lin Zhanao, with endless hatred in them, and he intermittently said:

“Lin Zhanao, I… I can’t be a ghost. Let go of you!!!”


With the last crack, Jin Chengen’s head was trampled on by Lin Fan!

The blood mixed with brains, burst out in an instant, splashing on the wall in an instant.

In this way, Jin Chengen was full of resentment and unwillingness, and completely died.

And see here!

Lin Zhanao’s legs were shaking, it was cruel!

Lin Fan trampled a living person to death like this?

This is too cruel!

Seeing Jin Chengen who was violently killed on the spot, Lin Zhanao seemed to be able to see his own misery.

Will Lin Fan treat him like this in the future?

No, he said, it is too cheap to kill himself, so he will definitely abuse himself in a more cruel way.

At this time, he was scared!

I’m really scared!

At the moment when he saw Lin Fan slaughter Jin Chengen, he began to reflect on what he had done in the past. Did he really do something wrong before?

Did he dig his own grave for himself?


Looking at Jin Chengen’s tragic situation, Lin Zhanao couldn’t help it anymore, and when he rushed to the door like crazy, he vomited.

At this time, those great masters are planning to leave!


Lin Fan spoke and said:

“Today, no one except Lin Zhanao can leave!”


Upon hearing this, all the masters from the Lin family were all dumbfounded!

Lin Fan, are you planning to go head-to-head with them?

“And when I heard this, Lin Zhanao was about to vomit blood. If you want to die, you just said it from the beginning.”

Caused him to sacrifice Jin Chengen in vain, and made him insult him in vain.

At the moment, Lin Zhanao stared at Lin Fan angrily:

“Lin Fan, are you crazy? Are you really going to die with us?”
Three to three, the best result is that both lose and lose, or maybe it is the same death!

Lin Fan is crazy!

Lin Fan is absolutely crazy!

And Lin Fan’s mouth was filled with a grin, staring straight at Lin Zhan’ao:

“Don’t you think that you have poisoned my wife and children, and there is nothing wrong with you, and you can return to the imperial capital safely?”

These great masters work for the Lin family!

Then it means that there will be a battle sooner or later, and these three are simply solved here to reduce the pressure in the future battle with the Lin family.

Then, Lin Fan stared at the masters, and said unkindly:

“These people, just treat them as a little interest!”

This sentence completely ignited the flames of war!


All the masters of the Lin family were completely angry, and scolded Lin Fan angrily:

“You are so sure, do you take us?”

“Lin Fan, you are too arrogant! Do you really think we are bullying?”

“Since you decide to die and break the net, then the old man will pay the old life and play with you!” /And Lin Fan just sneered at their clamor!

Then he walked to the door and closed the door slowly!

At the moment when the door closed, Lin Zhanao outside the door saw a scene that he would never forget, and saw a pair of cold eyes like a devil!

Without any emotion!

No mercy!

Some, just endless chill!


The door closed, but Lin Zhanao didn’t even have the courage to knock on the door, just like the ghost door closed on the other end of the door!

In the next instant, he seemed uncontrollable, stumbled and rushed out, escaping from this place at the fastest speed.

The devil!

That kid is a devil!

He was scared!

The two legs trembled wildly involuntarily, and even the expression was crazily distorted because of panic.

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